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    I ~ Tachibana Mei

    “Whew! I think that’s the last of everything I think I’ll ever need.” A young teenaged woman said, her voice peppy and with high spirit. She had packed a used backpack of hers—which was a one-strap, the color of pitch black—with useful items; a flashlight, a few changes of clothes she could afford, womanly utensils, an extra pair of half gloves, her wallet with leftover funds of around two-thousand yen, and food bowls. “I’ll have to buy food along the way around trip, but thanks to the nice people living in Oldale, I don’t have to eat scraps again.” After she finished packing, the young woman closed the flap of the bag, snapping the hooks together and placing said bag around her head and onto her left shoulder. She adjusted the straps until they were comfortable, smiling comfortably when it was done.

    “Great! Now that I have everything that I need, I better get going to Littleroot Town. It’s not too far; just a simple walk down Route 101. Today’s perfect to finally start my journey. Hopefully my tracking skills can be of good use while I’m at it…”

    The cheerful female finally left a room she apparently had been borrowing, which was inside the Pokémon Center of Oldale. As soon as she came headed downstairs after closing her rented room’s door, a pink-haired woman with bright, blue eyes, draped in a pink dress, a white apron and matching nurse hat, stared at her in wonder, however, already knew why before even thinking of it. “Are you leaving today, Miss Mei?” The nurse called over from her counter, smiling as bright as the sunlight. Labeled by name, Mei turned her attention towards the medic, still grinning as before.

    “Yes ma’am, Nurse Joy.” Mei replied, bowing lightly in politeness. “I’m probably all types of late anyway. I don’t want to be left out and get nothing from this Professor Birch.”

    “I see,” Nurse Joy, as she was called, said. “Don’t worry. Knowing Professor Birch, he’ll have something for you. Just trust him and yourself, all right?”

    “Right…” the young woman responded, nodding. “I’ll be off then. You’ll probably see me coming around here pretty often after, so I suppose I’ll say ‘See you later!’, haha!”

    “Of course! You’re always welcome back, too!” The pinkette giggled lightly, her Chansey stepping to her side and smiled.

    “Great! Well, then, I’ll be off now. Wish me luck! Good-bye, and thanks for looking out for me.” Mei said while waving to the two, pink-colored females.

    “Good-bye! And good luck, Mei!” Joy called out after, watching the woman leave her Pokémon Center. Chansey waved as well, being as gleeful as her human partner.

    Mei, as her name is Tachibana Mei, is a young woman in her early adulthood. She is eighteen years old, hailing from the outer Kanto region, the Sevii Islands, particularly, the Chrono Island. She stands 5’5” in height, having dark, auburn-orange hair which is currently braided. Seeing as her mood is peppery and jittery, she is adorned in a one-piece apricot-peach colored suit with black straps, with green skorts with a black hem, long, brown half gloves, black colored leggings, a belt around her left thigh, and brown colored cotton shoes to strengthen her attitude. Her skin was a tannish color, and her eyes were as pristine blue as a clear river. If one looked close enough, she would be able to blend in with the trees and shrubbery. That was her true intent, just in case she needed to search for more Pokémon later when she acquired her first one.

    That is, if she would ever get her first one…

    The orangette quickly paced herself, coming to a light jog, scraping around Oldale Town to meet the aforementioned Route 101 she would need to trek. She nearly bumped into oncoming passersby, apologizing for her erratic behavior and almost running into them. The excitement of finally getting a partner Pokémon after these long years of her life was joyous feeling that pumped the rush of adrenaline. In other words, she was extremely anxious that she was carelessly running amok to reach her destination: Littleroot Town.

    Route 101

    “At this rate, I’ll probably never get one!” Mei half raged, pouting even. Her anxiety was getting the best of her; all she thought was getting to a Pokémon, however felt she would be too late and would have to wait another year or so. “And if that happens, Naa-chan might be upset…” She sighed, continuing down the grassy pathway to the next town. The grass was quite thick, tall and scratching against her protected legs. Man, was she thankful she had put on those leggings today. That would have been an annoying scratch to itch.

    Along the way, Mei looked around the route, noticing its quaint feeling, and taking a few moments to calm herself. The scenery was just beautiful; trees stretching taller than her, branching out to form more branches to hold everything together. Their bark was rough, bitter, and tough; it looked like it could take a few punches from even a Rhydon without snapping in half. Nestled in trees were these odd, small looking blue birds, obviously Pokémon that didn’t want to be disturbed. Upon the ground were worm-like Pokémon that looked like pink colored Caterpie if one wasn’t too careful. There were other creatures that had passed by Mei’s sight, though she hadn’t been paying attention as her focus tuned out the chirpy, background noises. It hadn’t been too long, possibly around seven or ten minutes, that she had been walking, now approaching the entrance of Littleroot Town.

    Well, she was within walking distance of the town, that is. Finally!

    “I guess I don’t mess around when I’m not paying attention to where I’m going or something…” Mei told herself, almost proudly. Almost. “I better zone in rather than zoning out. But here I am. Finally! That Birch should have some Pokémon leftover. I better get my knickers rollin’ or else I’ll get absolutely nothing.” The orange-haired teenager quickly adjusted her walking-jogging pace, accelerating just a tiny bit, just in case there were townspeople floating around and she missed them. The ninja-appearing female definitely didn’t want to run into anyone unintentionally, either, unlike in Oldale Town. Unfortunately for the Kanto-native, there were a few townsfolk around, and she nearly knocked down a poor little boy with blue hair, glasses, a blue shirt and brown shorts.

    “Hey! Watch it!” The kid snapped. “I may be little, but you should watch where you’re going!”

    “Oh, gee, I’m sorry kiddo. I really didn’t see you there.” Mei chuckled nervously. The short kid huffed, ignoring her claim and half stormed off. This more or less caused the half albino to scratch her and tilt her head in utter confusion. What a weird kid… Mei thought silently to herself, staring wide eyed in the direction he went off to for a few seconds. “Hmm, now what was I going to do? … … Oh right! To find this… Professor Birch! But where the heck do I start? I don’t even know what the guy looks like.”

    “Professor Birch?” A kindly voice started, which Mei picked up with her selective acute hearing, turning halfway to meet eye to eye, another young woman—probably a year or so older than she was—approaching her with a gentle smile carved onto her features. She had shoulder length brown hair, matching eyes, a pink shirt and a green skirt on, completed with brown shoes. She also smelled like roses, which Mei assumed she was a gardener or something of that nature.

    “Yes, I’m looking for Professor Birch. Is he anywhere around here? Or, uh, does he live here?”

    The woman nodded quaintly. “Yes, he does.” She then turned and pointed to a rather tall, white colored building in the leftmost direction. “See that lab over there? That’s where he usually is. Something was going on over there a long while ago, like a fire, but it seems to have died down.”

    “I-I see. That’s terrible. Well, thank you, ma’am.” Mei said her thanks, bowing lightly to the rose-scented lady before taking her leave. Wow, today was becoming weirder, or so it seemed to appear that way. Not to mention, when she first came to this region, she was such an annoying noob; her and Naa-chan were utterly lost, however that was the point. Both stayed with one another until Mei found a safe place to stay for awhile. Thoughts were riling up in Mei’s mind, most of them traveled to the wondering of her nanny Zoroark. She never knew what region she originated from, other than this “Ransei” place. Of course, that was where her mother came from, so perhaps her nanny was born there, too. Ah, Naa-chan, I hope you’re doing okay… Mei worried thoughtfully as she was soon approaching the white building pointed out to her earlier. This was it.

    “I hope I don’t screw this up…”
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