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Originally Posted by passarbye View Post
i found a solution!
(ONLY for windows 7, i can't help if you're on a different OS)

all you have to do is download the file that A-Text says it has a problem with, then paste it in the folder that A-Text is in.
after that, copy/paste it in your system32 folder (windows 7) and run A-Text as administrator!
That was really a problem for someone? o.O
It works for every Windows OS, if you download the missing part and put it into system32 A-Text will work.

Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
Can anyone link me to a ASM download? Sorry I'm asking again, but the toolbox doesn't seem to have it, and I can't move forward with my hack without it. It would be very appreciated.
ASM isn't downloadable... ASM is a programming language.
ROM hacking FAQ - Read before asking how to play a hack.

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