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    Originally Posted by Truality View Post
    Yamamoto's bankai? Barbeque and roast beef.
    Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum View Post
    I'd like to join. Keiri Just began rewatching the series for the first time since they saved Rukia. enjoying the current arc on Toonami.
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    I believe we've met before~
    But yeah, as Pokestick says, be very careful of opening spoilers - we talk about the latest manga chapters every week.

    I really have to say, I like the font choice that Mangastream uses for the really heavy dialogues; I imagine Yamamoto's really gruff heavy voice and it just really adds to Kubo's more... menacing drawings of the characters.

    I also like how everyone across the seireitei is feeling his power. Though I wonder how Hitsugaya himself knows this exactly? I figure they would have told him, but he hasn't actually experienced it himself.

    Cutting a rock and... splitting open the ground. Bloody hell.

    "Anything it touches is eradicated to nothing". ****ing awesome

    I like how his sword was just cleanly cut in half. Very nice.

    I want to see how Juha Bach responds to this...
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