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I love chess, LOVE chess. I love the conept of chess, I love the chess pieces, the way it's played, the strategies ugh. Many of my friends consider those who play chess to be totally geeks, but tbh I don't really care. I thoroughly enjoy chess. As a kid I'd always nag my parents and granparents to play with me. So you could say I've grown up on chess. As a kid I never had a proper chess set, just several plastic/wooden ones from the two dollar shop. But as I grew older, my dad's friend bought me a mirror and frosted glass chess set - like Mr X's, and I play it a lot. Mainly with myself, however on occasion I'll play with my sister, who is surprisingly good. It's funny since the other day during lunch break my and a friend decided to have a game of chess. She was quite good, but I still beat her, ahah. xD
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