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PokéCommunity Get-Together 2012
Event Volunteering

Excited yet? The party is only a few weeks away (September 24 - September 30) and now the events are decided! We're all ready to go, right? Nope! We need hosts now, and that's where you guys come in. For those who don't know, the Get-Together is when the community comes together and participates in different events to have fun with other members. All of the descriptions describe what the event is about, but as for how they're actually run is up to the hosts! If you'd like to host an event just post what you're interested in volunteering for.

Volunteers are required:
  • To manage events for a minimum of three days. Events may run for up to seven or run on staggered days. A public calendar will be used to mark the dates and times your event is running.
  • To know the kind of event they're taking. For example, if you have little experience in ROM hacking, you shouldn't take a ROM hacking event.
  • To have good time management. Things must be timely - event posts and planning, for example. You must also be ready to post threads at specific times - these are times that you specify, or the default event starting time.

Anything in orange has a host, or a co-host already and doesn't need anyone else volunteering for those events. We will add more hosts if they are required.

You can also volunteer to host as much as you want, but you won't be guaranteed to get everything you asked for. As soon as you're accepted you'll be given an event organisers badge and access to the planning forum where you can plan your event. More specific details will be given to those who are accepted as event organisers.

Event organisers are also encouraged to make their event names fit the anniversary theme.

Core Events

Anniversary Chat Thread
Join the celebrations and discuss PokéCommunity's 10th anniversary, among other things!

If you don't have a microphone and would rather real-time conversation, then join the booming chat on PokeCommunity's IRC channel.

Skype (Hosted by countryemo, TSS_Killer, droomph and Leaf Storm)
Do you like the sound of your own voice? Do you like the sound of everyone else's voices? If so, then the Skype event is for you.

iSketch (Hosted by Miss Doronjo, myrrhman, Suicune™ and Counterfeit)
iCan sketch the best! Draw Pokémon-related things and see how quick others can guess them without too many hints!

Creativity Events

10-Year Banner Collab (Hosted by Hybrid Trainer and Thomas)
Collaborate with other members to help put together a new 10-year style!

Slogan Contest (Hosted by Zupplu)
After 10 years you'd think it's time for a new slogan...

Singing Contest (Hosted by dragonomega and Impo)
Just missed out on winning the X-Factor? That sucks! Here's a singing contest for you to win instead.

Design-a-Pokémon Event (Hosted by Zeffy and Cirno)
Have an interesting Pokemon design you've had locked away for the last year? Now's the time to show it off!

Prettiest Profile Contest (Hosted by BinaryPeaches and Netto Azure)
Do you consider yourself a master profile designer? Now's the time to prove it.

Map-off Event (Hosted by Zeffy and Destiny Demon)
Do you think you make great maps? Show them off and for others to judge!

Roleplay Event (Hosted by Skymin, Raikiri and Leaf Storm)
Just participated in the RPO's? Can't get enough of roleplaying? Luckily there's another roleplaying event for you!

Writing Event (Hosted by Astinus, Dragonfree and icomeanon6)
Sharpen your pencils, or open up Word and write based on a given theme!

Art Contest (Hosted by Cirno)
Artists, gather your pencils and get ready to draw in the Art Contest!

Graphics Contest (Hosted by Alternative and Counterfeit)
Is Photoshop your best friend? Time to spend some more time with it in the Graphics Contest.

Photography Contest (Hosted by Forever, Captain Fabio and Razor Leaf)
Do you love taking photos? Any photographer can enter and show what they've captured!

Sprite Contest (Hosted by -ty- and Spherical Ice)
Skilled at using pixels? If so, get ready to sprite!

Song Parody Contest (Hosted by Toujours, Para-Dox and gunnerpow7)
I wanna be the very best, like no member ever was. Love listening to parodies? Try to come up with one yourself in the Song Parody Contest!

Caption Contest (Hosted by Hiroshi Sotomura and Hybrid Trainer)
Caption a picture with the most amusing captions and win.

Pokémon Anime Snapshot (Hosted by Lapras* and ZachLMedia)
Take a snapshot of the Pokemon anime, then try to match it with the given theme.

IRL Pokemon Snapshot (Hosted by Curious. and Hybrid Trainer)
Do you ever feel like Pokemon are around you? Maybe they are! Take a photo of things in real life that represent Pokemon (like mushroom = Amoonguss) and earn points to win.


Scavenger Hunt (Hosted by Toujours)
One clue leads to another, think you can finish the hunt?

Competitive Battling Tournament (Hosted by Wolflare and Forever)
Are you excited about the new Black 2 and White 2 metagame? Time to show your skills as a battler!

Challenges (Hosted by Sydian and myrrhman)
Complete a challenge in-game as fast as you can!

Egg Swap (Hosted by Kip and Forever)
Think you're good at trading? Let's see how fast you really are and see who can swap the most eggs in the set period of time!

PC History Quiz (Hosted by Forever)
Do you remember when...? Now's the time to start remembering! The person with the best memory wins a special prize. ;)

Trivia Contest (Hosted by Retro Bug, Shining Raichu and RetroRoller)
Test your skills on all sorts of general trivia, which may even include Pokémon!

Minecraft Event (Hosted by Hiroshi Sotomura, Spectrum, Curious. and bobandbill)

Gaming Events - Team Fortress, Borderlands, etc (PlayStation 3 events hosted by OokamiReki and TwilightBlade, Xbox 360 and PC Games hosted by CarefulWetPaint, Borderlands 2 hosted by Zet, LoL hosted by Krazzikk)
A selection of PC and Xbox Live games you can play, available here.

Retro Gaming Event (Hosted by Brendino and Luigi-San)
If you love retro games like Pacman, then this game will keep you busy over the celebration period.

Crossword/Word Search/Pokemon Pairing Word Game (Hosted by Scarf and vaporeon7)
If you spend your weekend doing crosswords, then you're probably going to want to participate in this event.

Other Events

PokéCommunity highs (Hosted by Suicune™)
Sit back and recall your greatest times here as we touch down on 10 years!

Impersonate Lerroux (Hosted by Razor Leaf and ♪Twiggy♪)
Oh no, Lerroux is back to cause trouble! Oh wait, no, it was just a PokéCommunity member impersonating him.

Shiny Pokémon Raffle (Hosted by Team Fail and twistedpuppy)
If you have rare shinies, consider donating a few to go into the raffle. You never know what you'll end up with!

Movie Nights (Hosted by Olli97, ♪Twiggy♪ and AlexOzzyCake)
Hungry for both popcorn AND movies? Then the Movie Nights should satisfy that craving!