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    Fallow Walker
    Mercury City:Part 5

    “I’ll have to do the same for myself, I’ll probably work on stuff with my Treecko. She is actually quite the training buff for being so young still.” Fallow said with a small laugh.

    “And ya, I do want to be a gym leader for a couple reasons but, the main being that I do like the challenge. But as far as you being an artist, you’re already well on your way to becoming a great one. From what I saw of your last drawing I don’t think there is that much for you to improve on, so you’re sure to reach your dream by the end of your trip.”

    Fallow then watched as Eva looked over his pokemon before looking him square in his face to ask the question "if I tell you something, will you promise not to laugh?".

    “Why would I laugh at you, that’s not like me at all, especially if it is something you are trusting me with.” Fallow responded, being as collected as he could for the news she may deliver.
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