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No. God no. Never. Nonononono. Nada. Definitely not. Other negative words.

Yeah I... really don't like this idea for similar reasons to the "Should Teachers be Armed?" (or something like that) thread a while back. Security in schools would only associate a learning environment with tension and violence - therefore, possibly teaching that violence is acceptable and almost certainly terrifying students. Further to that, how often do kidnappings occur actually inside the schools? I'd imagine that they're most prevalent between the school and home, where children might be walking alone. The only reason for security would be to help with these people who go into schools and shoot everyone they see who crop up on the news on occasion, and I think that there are much better ways around that (i.e. gun control) than, in essence, fighting fire with fire. Why fight fire with fire at all when just put both fires out? Not that I feel it's a big enough issue to intimidate every single school child.
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