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    @Kiklion: Theme songs are really something I enjoy listening to when I read sign ups, not to mention its something that can help me better understand your characters better. So yeah, they're required :p

    PsychoJigglypuff: First impression from reading the first couple of lines: BRAVE. LOL its not a bad thing, don't worry just reminds me of the Brave girl cuhs of the hair and freckles. :D There are some quilities that she shares with my character, both are six feet, both have green eyes, and both have attitude. I sense a rivalry the likes of which no Pokemon roleplay has seen before. Pyrite Town? No wonder. haha. Black&White 2 reference, i see what you did there :D So these were pretty much my thoughts as I read through it, but to sum it all up. I really enjoyed your character, I seriously cannot wait to see the nuclear explosion that will ensue once Riku and Angie blow up on each other. Accepted!
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