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Forrest was surprised when a boy came out at him. “You’re worse than I thought… by the looks of it you don’t even need to steal, you could have likely bought everything you ran off with. You have two options at this point… first option: you take back all the stolen goods back to the shop then turn yourself in to the police. The second option is that I drag you back to the shop and return your stolen goods then the police can pick you up from the hospital afterwards.”

He stuttered...the guy must've seen him take the pokeballs. He called out to him. "I payed for them. Why the hell would I steal?" He was a bit intimidated when the boy cracked his knuckles. "What's wrong with making a purchase on the go? I was in a hurry, and I still kinda am. Do you have a problem with that?" He was pretty upset that he had the audacity to approach him, but if need be, he would take to the trees. He returned everyone but Sasuke. He might need him if things went wrong.
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