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Name: Leon
Age: 10
Gender: M

History: Leon was always interested in playing with Pokemon as a child. He wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, enter battles and tournaments, catch new Pokemon and win badges. That was until he saw something amazing on his television, a Pokemon contest. Leon watched as the screen lit up with Pokemon such as Delcatty and Togepi astonished the crowd with their dazzling moves. "Normally Delcatty and Togepi are regarded as weak Pokemon but through this television screen they look like they are at the top of their class" Leon said as his eyes became more glued to the television. From the point onwards Leon wanted to become a Pokemon Coordinator and his dream was to be the top coordinator. His bubble was soon busted when his parents told him that there were no contest halls in Unova. Leon was sad and so he decided he would first gain some experience in training and battling with some of his own Unova Pokemon then head off to other regions with contest halls with his new Pokemon.

Appearance: Leon is 5'3 with short blonde and straight hair. He carries around a red and black backpack that is usually filled with snacks or emergency supplies for himself and other Pokemon. His skin is brown and he has blue eyes that shine when in the sunlight. A small white square bandage covers his nose from a weedle sting. Often wears a white t-shirt under his black jacket that has a big yellow star on its back. He wears long black pants and red wristbands.

Starter Pokemon: Snivy
Legendary Pokemon: Tornadus
Diamond FC: 3437-1003-4345
SoulSilver FC: 3610-3513-7456
White FC: 5200-1735-1142

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