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    Whether or not such a chapter would be filler depends in my opinion on how focused of a story you want to tell. If you want a very focused story, then just about every section should move along the main story that you're trying to tell. On the other hand, if you're designing your story to more broad in focus, with a number of threads that could be long or short, open or closed, by all means bring more elements into the mix. It's the difference between a mystery novel and Winnie the Pooh: in the former relevance to the mystery is of capital importance, and in the latter being strictly relevant would be missing the point.

    I think most people aim for something of a middle ground, where side-plots involving a particular character pop up and get resolved here and there, but they have some implication for the main story. Perhaps some consequence of character X's side-plot will have an effect on the final outcome. Take for example the long explanation Gandalf gives near the beginning of The Lord of the Rings concerning Gollum's background. If Gollum never showed up later in the story, then the exposition would be closer to filler. But, because Gollum's story plays so heavily later in the novel, that whole backstory is essential.

    Originally Posted by psyanic
    I'm not going to say you should form new chapters centered around developing trust for every single Pokemon some trainer will have, because it'll get a bit too formulaic and predictable along with slightly boring.
    Absolutely agree with this. If the approach for each Pokemon gets too similar, it's going to feel more like a video game transcription than an organic story. Mix things up! And don't forget, it makes sense if some Pokemon are naturally more trusting or impressionable than others.

    tl;dr: All depends on how tight you want your focus to be. Also, avoid formula.

    By the way, first time I've seen you here, so welcome to PCFF&W!
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