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    Eren & Pallas

    "If I wanted to scare her, I would have done worse, like giving her a cut on the cheek. Not too easy to even scare a kid here without giving out physical injuries; everyone's a damned demigod."

    Then Aphrodi and Ina got into a short conversation about his sex. So... "he" was genderless, apparently after Zeus stripped him of his sexual features. Rather fitting for a child of Aphrodite, to some degree. He didn't even know who this guy was, but from the looks and talks, it was obvious enough. Should he call Aphrodi an it? No, the dude probably still went by "he" anyways. Wait, is he supposed to be some kind of Barbie doll now? No, Barbie has the exaggerated boobs. Maybe one of those little troll dolls, but Eren actually didn't wanna offend Aphrodi by comparing him to that; he was too pretty to be a troll.

    "My sister and I were just about to go eat, but if you're going to train...mind if I join you? I don't think I've seen quite such a unique weapon in all of my time here at the camp." Was that supposed to be a compliment? Of course, it was rare for a Greek anything to be wielding a spear, any variation of such must've been even more foreign. Though, Aphrodi, like many others, was probably aware of the dangers that came from just being around Eren, so the intrigue--and asking to watch him train of all things--earned the boy-girl-thing some respect. When he started walking towards the grounds that Capture the Flag normally took place again, he nodded (more so motioned with one end of his weapon) for Aphrodi and his little companion to tag along, explaining his weapon and its design for a moment before he went back to a silence. Pallas even thought it was odd, as Eren rarely talked much about himself or his belongings, and he almost never took over a minute explaining something.

    "It's a glaive; European." At one point, he expected Aphrodi or Ina to ask what its name was, since everyone else has a name for their weapons. "I don't call it anything. It's just a glaive." The shaft itself was a good six feet long, holding two inches on Ritter alone, with another foot and a half for each of the blades. One blade, on Eren's right, had a hook on the back, which he said was used to get riders off their horses. "I use it to get people off the ground." Keeping his target in the air normally took away any form of dodging his attacks, and gave them few counter-attacks to perform. They were constantly vulnerable to the other end being spun around front. He'd been using this strategy for a while, but Dom was the one who explained it to him.

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