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    Tbh I thought the team of Hilbert/Hilda would be similar to this if they ever did show up. I can also imagine their return being possible through the same way you could rematch Cheren and Bianca in B2W2 but a pipe dream's a pipe dream I suppose.


    Zoroark and the starters are a given but personally I think it would make sense for Hilbert/Hilda to use Reshiram/Zekrom due to those 2 being version exclusives and all. Basically Zekrom would be in the team in W2 and Reshiram in the team in B2. The fossils would be influenced by the memory link depending on what you chose for your fossil in B&W. Also the team's respective levels should range from 85 to 87 to give a clear challenge imo. I know it coule be better but I tried lol.
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