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    Noa Liula

    So then what had Tia wanted? Noa had a pretty good idea since this wasn't the first time her Pokemon companion had dragged her along to the training area without the slightest warning. This little outburst made Tia seem a lot more excitable than she really was. Not only did the Cacturne prefer nighttime over morning, but she slept a whole ton. Sparring was the only thing that got her genuinely interested. Well, there was actually bound to be a lot of things that piqued Tia's interest, but they were generally the same types of things that Noa liked.

    This time was all about sparring, and Noa had only moments to figure that out before Tia started firing off thorns. It was a small, light wave of them, meant to catch the demigod off guard, and it did. Fortunately, Noa had both a prior knowledge of how to doge and the incentive of knowing how much the thorns stung to her advantage, and she started dodging as soon as her brain could register the situation.

    "Hey!" Noa called, "You want to give me a minute first?"

    Apparently Tia took Noa's requests pretty seriously, because at that moment she stopped with the thorns and started hovering around her partner, waiting. Rolling her eyes, Noa responded, "Aren't children of Demeter supposed to be sweet and innocent anyways? Always getting stolen away, yeah?"

    By always Noa meant one very specific case of a much more important daughter of Demeter. She was surprised the lightning - or maybe it would be trees or something in this case - didn't strike her down right then and there. Noa had nothing against that particular daughter, but she did wonder why Demeter even bothered to have so many kids if there would always be one favorite of them all. Surely every demigod felt that way about there parent every once in a while.

    Noa shrugged, "Okay. No. If that were right then our cabin would be full of daises and sunshine and the population would be very very small." Winter already made enough of Demeter's kids flimsy and weak. Imagine if they were predisposed to be that way.

    Well, that was enough blather. "Alright, Tia. Let's see how good I am at running away." And out came the thorns.
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