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    "An interesting observation. So far none of you have noticed-or, at least they never pointed it out."

    Hanso raised an eyebrow at that. Anyone who cared to look at the list of who had left Valkaria with Auron would recognize that there hadn't been anyone named Sovereign. There had also been reports of this Tyranitar, though Hanso had heard only a few of those. The Generals or Zane might know more.

    Sovereign stomped the ground generating a crack that traced all the way up to Hanso. He teleported several feet to the right to avoid the worst of the resulting explosion, but he was still struck with several pieces of stone. "Perhaps you are familiar with my reputation. Do you know what the fearful masses call me?"

    I'll wager you're about to tell me...

    "They call me The Crusher!"

    As Hanso prepared to meet Sovereign in combat, he saw Genevieve to one side as she curtsied exaggeratedly at the Gallade. “Until we meet again,” she called out to him.

    She was no less unsettling. However, as Sovereign was ready to fight, Hanso winced and turned his attention away from the Gardevoir, who disappeared somewhere into the city. Hanso reviewed what he knew about Tyranitars in general. They were impervious to Psychic attacks, so his Future Sight and Psycho Cut were no help. That left him with one attack that could still hurt, but he needed to get close. Hanso was sure that Sovereign could create sandstorms and earthquakes, and the blood-stains meant he knew how to fight up close.

    Hanso created multiple copies of himself that surrounded Sovereign; he and his illusions then teleported to different spots in the circle, which had confused many of his past opponents as to where the real Gallade was. They all began running at Sovereign with Night Slashes ready, with the real Hanso off to the Tyranitar's right.