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    Continuing his harsh glare Jerome said, “What I have a problem with are spineless thieves who just take whatever they want.” Jerome was almost in Forrest’s face by now and he glared down at the younger kid. The monkey boy’s body language said he was afraid and by the look of him he would prefer fleeing over fighting. After a short pause Jerome added in a lighter tone of voice that made him sound curious and thoughtful about Forrest’s response, “So you’re in such a hurry that you jump through the window, take just enough time to grab a few things then jump out of the window, correct?... However you’re clearly not too busy to challenge someone to battle with Pokemon? Something about your story just doesn’t add up. Do you really think I would believe something like that?” Jerome paused for a second then added in a calm yet threatening voice, “So choose… option A or option B. “I’m in a hurry” so I don’t have time for you to stand there stalling.”

    Jerome was in arms length of the kid now, and his arms were tense and ready to dart forward at any sign of resistance. If the kid tried to run he could quickly grab his shirt or throat, and if he tried to fight Jerome could quickly jab him in the face or block the kid’s attack from hitting Jerome’s face. The kid did have one Pokemon out but it was small and likely weak… shouldn’t be too much trouble to deal with.
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