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I've never sprited anything before, and I did this using my netbook's trackpad.

Any/all feedback is welcome and I'll be posting more later on.

1. Oreone ; The Ore Pokemon
>Ability: Sturdy or Levitate
Formed from ore deep in caves and mountains, it has an od mixture of metal and rock that alludes even the best Geologists. Some species of have small rare Earth magnets embedded in them.
2. Dueore ; The Ore Jaw Pokemon
>Ability: Sturdy or Levitate
Many species of Dueore have magnets embedded in them to draw in prey such has Magnemite and Geodude into their jaws. Geologists say the metal is nearly has hard as diamond.

I personally think Ledian should be Bug/Fighting and Farfetch'd should be Flying/Fighting.