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"Okay Orrie so from what I can gather, all you can do is tackle things and chase them down, that isn't very helpful." She gave him an Oran berry, "Can you do any tricks?" She held another berry above his face, "Sit!" Orrie didn't do anything except try to eat the berry, "I guess not." she sighed. "Well, those attacks are good as long as we get you stronger, we should train hard for today! If you do, I'll give you more berries!" Orrie perked up and they ran off North toward Route 103.

"Lets practice your tackle on me, lets see how much power you have." Sara braced herself, "Come at me with the strongest tackle you have, if you can knock me over you can have a berry." Orrie charged at her as fast as it could, but the attack was very weak and Sara didn't even flinch, "That was weak, try again, use tackle!" This time Orrie ran even faster, hitting her with much more force, but it still didn't satisfy Sara. This time she saw what he was doing wrong, "Speed is nice and all but it isn't the only thing that will make that tackle stronger." She crouched into stance next to Orrie, "Dig in your paws like I have my feet, and push off the dirt to start off your sprint." She demonstrated, "Then when you get to the opponent try to put as much power in your run right before you hit the enemy." She demonstrated by tackling a tree, making a few leaves fall and shaking the entire thing. She cringed because she hit the tree pretty hard but rubbed her shoulder and turned around, "Now you try." this time Orrie copied her, producing a much stronger tackle but not nearly good enough, he tried this several times until he got it perfect. "So you've got the technique down, but you still aren't physically powerful enough to cause much damage." She gave him a berry for the stance and got back into stance. "Now just get stronger!"

They practiced for hours, eventually Sara couldn't accurately tell whether Orrie was hurting her because her arms had numbed out. She put her arms down, "Okay if you can bring me down with a direct hit to my chest you will get five oran berries." Orrie didn't even have to pause to start his tackle, in one fluid motion he struck Sara, and knocked her over with a thud as she hit the ground. "Wow that was great! Now I can trust you to fight in my place!" She gave him five oran berries as promised. "Let's go find a pokemon to fight, there's no practice like the real thing!" They began walking to the water and Sara spotted a Polywag, she crouched down and looked at Orrie, "you see that blue pokemon, I want you to use tackle on it as hard as you can. Lets see if you can get off a good hit." Orrie got in stance, this time taking its time and charged at a light run then right before he hit the Polywag sprinted, catching it by surprise and knocking it over.

The polywag stood up, seemingly injured. It attacked with a water gun, sending Orrie back. Right before he ran into a tree Orrie caught his footing and took the rest of the attack with full force. As soon as it was over he growled and began to tackle again, this time not attempting to ready himself. The polywag used water gun again, slowing down Orrie and stopping him again but this time he had his footing. "Good job Orrie!" As soon as the jet of water stopped he went back into a run, putting a lot of power into his next tackle as possible, getting another direct hit on polywag. This time the polywag got up and attempted to flee, "Orrie chase him down with pursuit!" This attack had a certain amount of energy that Orrie's tackle did not and landed a direct hit on polywag. "Good job Orrie!" The polywag was injured and couldn't move out of fear of getting attacked again, Sara walked up to it and remember what Birch gave her, potions. "Orrie come here," she picked up the fear stricken polywag, "hey there little guy, I can't leave you out here in pain like this." She pulled out a potion and sprayed where the polywag was injured she also used the little amount that was left to heal Orrie, "I'll probably regret using this on a wild pokemon later but I'd rather not have bad karma this early." Suddenly she remembered that she also had pokeballs, "It isn't a waste if I catch you!" She pulled out a pokeball, set the polywag on the ground and tapped the pokeballs button to it's head then backed up.

"I hope I did that right." She waited patiently for the result, giving Orrie a bowl of oran berries while she took some for herself...
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