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Brown Matthews

Although today was one of the rare free days, he still had duties to perform, well more like a duty. Camp Half-blood, although hidden by the mist, was not completely blind from mortal eyes. It appeared in the form of a strawberry field, in fact among the human world, Camp Half-blood was known as Delphi Strawberry Service. The camp was also quite costly to maintain, and with limited ways to fund the demigod safe haven, strawberries were the way to go apparently. Yep, that's right, Camp Half-blood, the home of powerful demigods(compared to humans at the least) had to rely on strawberries to keep up with its expenses.

So there Brown was holding an empty bucket, wandering the vast Strawberry Fields, albeit it was rather strawberry-less at the moment. On a routine day, this section of camp was often filled with various demigods, picking strawberries, or in the case of children of Demeter or Dionysus, raising them from the soil. His bare feet imprinted the soil as he wandered the bare fields, speeding up nature's course of action. As the plants grew to maturity, Brown picked their goods, stopping every so often to swap for a new bucket.

Indeed, it seemed like quite the boring task, but with limited options, this was his activity of choice. Plus, doing what would be considered grunt work in the mortal world kept him humble. But still, he frowned, knowing all too well he could've been out there doing something else, something much more exciting and refreshing than agriculture. Training was always a viable option, but Brown preferred the company the of his link when doing so. And since night replaced day when it came to Demetrius, honing his combative skills were usually reserved for the moon to witness.

Looking back at his work, the teen shook his head. A dozen buckets of strawberries, possibly even more, he wasn't going to bother counting. His work here was done, at least for the day. Brown glanced down, the appearance of his feet catching him. They were literally, disgusting, his toenails were at least the color of his skin. If he was of lighter tone, the amount of dirt on his feet would've made them his actual skin tone! He kicked them up in the air several times, attempting to rid the soil.

"I really should get my shoes..."

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