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"Prince of Light"

Ignus turned to face a very large Salamence. Even for a dragon, this guy was pretty big, standing at least twice Ignus's height. Ignus flinched at this sight, and went on guard automatically.

"I don't know many Zoroark that can spit flames," the great dragon said. He said it in a very flat tone, almost as if he were saying a fact instead of a compliment. That was a compliment, right? Ignus couldn't tell. The dragon introduced himself.

"I am titled as Bloodthirster, Ragnaros." He pulled a Gold Tribe emblem out with his tail, showing it to Ignus.

"The liberation of Albia is at hand, but whatever are you doing, fighting like that in the open?"  He said it very calmly, almost if he had rehearsed it. His voice showed no fear ore concern, really. It was just...kind of flat. But hey, at least he wasn't sugercoating anything. Ignus realized he had no emblem on him, as he had left it in his mock home. He used and illusion to create one, seemingly pulling it out from his mane. He flashed it to Ragnaros. He was still wary, not sure if he should trust the Dragon...but he didn't think any sentineals were Salamences.

"I am a Gold Tribe Member as well. I've been hiding here in Albia waiting to do some sabotage, but you guys got here quicker than I thought." Ignus put his "emblem" away, and introduced himself.

"I'm Ignus, titled Prince of Light. I've been with the Tribe for a couple years, but I don't think I've ever met you." Ignus tried to sound casual, but the gnawing paranoia of more ancients ambushing the two kept him a bit nervous. Also, Ragnaros could be a spy for all he knew. He would have to earn his trust, no doubt.

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