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By the beckoning of Defender, Zane, Guardia, and Calamity aimed their attacks at Ignitus, fully intent on bringing her down, but only enough so she would be incapacitated. Zane knew he was right. Who knew what Ignitus knew? Zane struck her once more as she was down with a Thunder Wave, and Guardia and Calamity followed with another pair of Thunders. Ignitus countered with an explosion of flames of her own, now desperate to try and keep herself up. The Gold Tribe didn't let up, now going in for a second wave of attacks, where Gallant and Speculum also joined in. Another set of hits were sent upon Ignitus, and once again, countered by the Sentinel. Sweat poured off Zane's face, tired from unleashing so much, but unwilling to give in. "Come on!" He yelled, and they went in once more, lauching another set of attacks. Gallant and Guardia went in close, eager to see her back or spine break. Ignitus put up another wall of flames to protect her, but eventually the attacks caused them to die out, and disrupt, and she was hit by the full effects of the Gold Tribe's attacks. Ignitus screeched in pain as a snap was heard, and then fell over, clearly unable to move from the sparks and damage she was dealt.

Zane sighed in relief, looking across the faces of his fellow brothers and sisters. "Looks like we got her." He said to them, smiling.

"Nice day for capturing a Sentinel, isn't it?" The Swift said to Zane. Zane nodded in response. He looked around the battle momentarily, seeing that the armies of the Alpha Alliance had already begun pushing back the Ancients in the areas, and already were on the way to the inside of Albia. But their moment of victory was overturned by the voice of the Siren in their heads. From the expressions of the other Gold Tribesmen, they heard it too. Zane was suddenly serious again.

"We need to stop her!" He yelled. The Swift immediately took off.

"I'll go." Gallant began, running after The Swift to go help. Speculum took off after them as well, leaving Calamity, Guardia, Defender, and Zane next to Ignitus.

"We should go help too, once we secure Ignitus..." Calamity began, but was interrupted by screams coming from Ignitus. But these were unusual ones. Zane turned down to her, to see her thrashing about on the ground. She tried to move, but the injury on the back prevented her. Still, she began wailing about wildly, and uncontrollably. Zane wondered if the pain they inflicted upon her was too much. It couldn't haven been...could it?

"N-no! No, Lord Auron! I wasn't....I wasn't g-going to...! No!" She screamed on the ground. She sent out a flamethrower out of her mouth in a random direction, as if trying to free herself of something. Zane stepped back to avoid the flames, and looked on puzzled. Suddenly, Zane saw something in Ignitus's eyes.

Her eyes began to change color, turning from her usual purplish color to a pronounced, deep black one. It was a noticeably similar color to the eyes of Ancients, as Zane began to notice. Ignitus continued to scream loudly as flames covered her body, and then morphed into a strange, darker color, before going completely black themselves. Zane stepped back as the flames began to erupt from her body, and even through the fire, he could still hear the screeching of Ignitus. Guardia and Calamity both moved back and stared at her in confusion and alarm. Ignitus's body began rising up from the ground, Zane hearing her bones seem to break and disfigure, as if her body was forced up by some other force. Her screams still covered the air. And then suddenly, the screams stopped, replaced by nothing but the cackling of the flames. The black flames died down and there Ignitus stood, with eyes as black as the night sky, no trace of emotion across her face, as if she was a completely different Pokemon.

"Gold Tribe." A voice came from the mouth of Ignitus, but it wasn't hers. It was deeper, and darker, almost sounding artificial. It sent a chill down Zane's spine, as if the voice was something Pokemon were not meant to hear. "Fear the will of Auron."

Before Ignitus attacked, she gave a noticeable flinch to Zane, but shook it off. And then, Ignitus gathered flames across her body, all black in color, and released an Overheat at the Gold Tribe, of which the power seemed to have increased, as did its range and destructive force. Zane tried to dodge, but the scope of the attack was overwhelming, and he was engulfed by the dark flames, being forced back onto his back, his arms burning with pain. Guardia and Calamity were also pushed back, landing a bit away. Guardia leaned her head up off the ground.

"What...what is this?" She wondered, deeply disturbed by what was going on. Zane wondered too, but Ignitus didn't give them the opportunity, already going in for her next attack, a flamethrower shot at the four of them.

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