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Hello guys,

I'm experiencing a very weird issue with Pokémon Essentials. I don't know if it's because i'm using Windows 7 or RPG Maker 1.01 (If that has something to do with the issue, i don't know), but this has been happening to me ever since i started using Pokemon Essentials under those two conditions.

Whenever a battle ends, the Pokémon don't gain experience, the game just skips that part. And it's specifically whenever i make any sort of changes such as changing the PBS files, since when i first decompress it and test it the game works fine. The PBS files i replaced are the ones that come with the Black and White Pack by P-Sign, by the way, and i'm using PE version 8.

Any idea of what could be happening? i already tried making a new game after replacing the PBS files, it doesn't work. It's kinda frustrating at this point

I haven't changed any scripts or anything, by the way. Just the PBS files.

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