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    The store owner looked over the money and then said, “Well you already paid once there is no need to pay again.” The store owner then offered Forrest back the extra money he had given him. Jerome raised an eyebrow at this and looked down at the angry boy he had falsely accused of a crime.

    “So I was wrong about you… sorry for the inconvenience. I have no idea why you acted like you did, but perhaps this is a valuable lesson for you kid. Perception is important, acting like some sort of… well I don’t even know what you were acting like, but acting like that is going to give people the wrong impression of you and get you lots of attention that you might not like,” said Jerome in almost the same calm voice he has used before, just lacking the hostility. This kid’s actions confused Jerome, but perhaps he just hadn’t exposed himself to whatever culture this boy was from.

    Jerome then walked past the boy as if nothing had happened and started browsing the shop. He grabbed various non perishable foods, and some repel before spotting the trainer supplies starting a few shelves over. At first he tried to ignore them, but after five minutes he walked over to the Pokemon care section. A huge frown appeared on his face as he stared at the line of potions, antidotes, and other such trainer aids knowing he should get some so he could take better care of his Torchic. “Thanks a lot Birch,” muttered Jerome as he started picking up three potions, two antidotes, a burn heal, a paralysis heal, an ice heal, and some Pokemon food. He then started his trek to the cash register in the manner than made him look defeated. Putting all the items on the counter Jerome watched the shop owner ring up all the items. Watching the prices add up on the unwanted trainer items made his heart sink with every Pokedollar he had to spend on Pokemon care items. Finally the torture of watching the total increase stopped and Jerome was allowed to pay.

    Walking out the door Jerome paused and looked down at his wallet… he had 33 Poke dollars to his name. Shaking his head he slowly walked toward the PokeCenter with a look of disappoint on his face, once again he barely had any money to his name, and worse yet he wasn’t able to spend the money he had on things he really wanted. He could have bought no trainer supplies true, but he was entrusted with this Torchic’s life and he felt obligated to do the best he could. Perhaps he’ll one day enjoy this “training” thing, but for now all he could think about was the stuff he wanted to buy with that money.

    Walking into the PokeCenter Jerome was instantly met by a hostile looking nurse with her right “ring” of pink hair almost completely gone. The little “pig tail” that was left looked burnt on the end, and besides that her clothes had small burns and scratch marks on them. Glaring at Jerome she pointed to the back without saying a word. Her hostile look felt like it was burning through his skull as, Jerome walked over to the counter then hopped over it. He escaped the nurse’s glare after going through a door located behind the desk that led to the area usually reserved from medical staff only. He walked down the hall with patient rooms on either side until he found his Torchic. The fire chick Pokemon was sleeping on the little bed peacefully when Jerome opened the door.

    Staring at the little demon Jerome pulled out the chick’s Pokeball and recalled the Pokemon while it slept. Jerome knew his Pokemon didn’t like its Pokeball, but he didn’t feel like dealing with the Torchic’s attitude. Walking out the door with the Pokeball in hand the nurse said to Jerome in a straight to the point voice, “That Torchic is not allowed back here ever again. If I ever see him inside this building you too will be banned from this PokeCenter.”

    Jerome replied in a solemn voice, “Yes ma’am… I’m sorry.”

    The nurse replied in a short tone of voice, “Good.” Jerome then walked out of the PokeCenter with everyone staring at him. Jerome shook his head and thought, ‘It was suppose to be a good day with getting a pay check and all. So much for that… o well I’m getting out of this town, I honestly don’t feel welcome here anymore.’ He then headed off toward route 102 slowly. He had no enthusiasm in his step and he meandered across the town and toward his next “adventure.”
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