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Name: Justine Granger
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Academy: Pallet
Pokedex Color: Aquatic Blue

Description: For a girl, Justine can be considered tall. At about 5'7", Justine is lean from her sports work and her general principle to exercise. Her skin light and smooth, though she has a very slight tan from being out in the sun. Justine makes an effort to make herself look good. Applying makeup and making sure her hair is tip top. Justine is particularly fond of shorts, though she tends to get the ones that don't quite reach the fingertip mark. Justine's favorite footwear is sandals and let it be known that she wears these sandals frequently. She doesn't like wearing sneakers unless she has to and other shoes just aren't as cute. She is especially fond of deep or summer colors for her upper wear and more frequently wears blouse or button-up shirts.. Her hair is long, reaching down to the beginning of her back and is made in a curly fashion. She also has a sprinkle of freckles on each cheek and on her arms.

For accessories, her favorite would have to be bracelets. She enjoys them the most, especially those memory bracelets or ones with beats and pretty colors in general. On her right wrist she wears a green beaded bracelet and on her left, one pink and one purple. These bracelets may not always be present as she likes to match with her outfits, but they are definitely the default. She doesn't often put anything in her hair except for a headband and has light pink polish on all nails.

Personality: Justine, at her core, is an energetic lady. Not so much meaning that she always wants to have fun twenty-four seven, but in saying that she always have the look and air of someone who can just keep going. She won't hit you like a train with pep but she won't be for a sit-around-and-slob fest. Justine just wants others to have some sort of purpose in their life, she supposes. All that sitting around all day or negative put up was just a waste of energy. If they just laid back and made an effort to have a good time then life would be so much easier. Of course, there are lost causes, but Justine isn't a quitter! She is actually very driven. When Justine has a goal she isn't very easy to push off of it. She isn't much of a short-term kind of girl, more of a "big picture" one. Goals that are easily done don't interest her as much as the ones that take time to do. Maybe it's because she likes molding or maybe it's the journey. She's never figured it out by herself but she's sure that it's somewhere between the two. Her biggest goal right now is to become a great trainer and beat the league. Hey, they didn't make the Academy for no reason, but she wanted to be one of the firsts, the most impressive wave. To do so she needs a good team and training is a must have. She does it regularly, always looking for ways to improve it or make it more fun or just simply make a session when there's free time. She does her best to make training seem like less of a chore for herself and her Pokemon. While Justine so far seems to be all smiles and niceness, she can have a mean streak about her. This is specifically towards certain Pokemon. She loves Pokemon, just like every trainer and human being to touch the Earth, but she also had her preferences too. She wasn't exactly as loving to the Pokemon she considered to be "ugly" and she wasn't exactly fond of most bug-types. That doesn't mean she'll push them away. No, if it's a Pokemon that will help her team achieve victory and fulfill her goal then, yes, she will take it. However Justine seems to be harder on these Pokemon than her cuter or cooler looking ones and neither does she seem to notice this change in method. She doesn't want to over work her Pokemon and never does... Unless they're in this category.

On a bad day Justine can get extremely discouraged and needs a little push to start her up again. At times she can say "It's not problem," and make herself rise, but at the first touch of frustration things seem to crumble again. Justine always tries to look on the bright side at these times, that always helps, but usually it isn't quite enough. She plans to work on her discouragement problem, but after she wins champion.

History: If you asked Justine about her life she would tell you that it was good, great, and just fine. Justine isn't an oppressed child and neither is she an exalted one. Her family supports her and makes sure that she is active in her school, community, or generally at all. As a child her mother entered her in beauty pageants. She won one gold, two silvers, and was placed close to bronze other times. When she was too old for pageants she was in school plays or at the community children's center. When she was too old for those and her preferences changed she played soccer and made time for friend and family time. Her grades are good, though math is a bit of a struggle. It was her luck that the Pallet Academy didn't focus on arithmetic as much. Every summer Justine and her family would go on a vacation to a lake-side home for a week or three (depending on their schedules) and participated in Granger family competitions. Her father works while he mother stays at home and when Justine has free time she usually has to help around the house. In her seventeen years, nothing major that would interest the world has happened. To Justine her accomplishments or most memorable days out with friends are the most major things, but she has so many of those that it could never be recounted.

Theme: Emerson, Lake, & Palmer-Fanfare for the Common Man

Example Role-Play:
Justine sat in the long, beach chair on her backyard porch, typing away on her laptop and reading everything on the screen. It was the hours towards the night when the sky was purple and the arm was warm and cozy. Chirps and buzzes from bugs and calls for birds sounded or echoed in the background. Occasionally a small bird would fly by or a Pidgey would swoop towards the forest and tall grass ahead of her home. Prior to this moment the names of the top students of the Pallet Academy had been released to the public and Justine's grin couldn't have been wider. Of the five announced she--she--had been chosen as one of the best. She'd worked hard for it and now her efforts were paying off. When she got the news she immediately posted a status. "One stop closer to championship!" It read. Her friends were all aware of her dreams and in an hours time she had a barrage of likes. Being a girl with lots of friends, her Facedex page already had friends in the hundreds. This new announcement, though, left her notification count high with friend requests from people who knew her, didn't know her, and some who had previously disliked her. Despite the majority being strangers, she still clicked the "Allow" button, not seeing any harm in letting everyone enjoy this moment as much as she did.

Comments of congratulations and disbelief poured onto her wall every second. As much as she loved them, there was only one comment in particular that kept the top of her attention. It was one from her best friend, Mia. The two of them had been inseparable since the pageant days and there was very little evidence that it would end. After Mia's congratulations they had discussed the what if's, what will's, and anything they could think of through Facedex's instant messaging function.

"You know what I don't understand?" Mia's newest post said, "How did that Cody kid get in? He doesn't do anything!" Justine smiled and laughed to herself before replying.

"lol No idea.
Maybe he's secretly a genius?"

"That or there's a secret subject on sleeping that he aced."


"You should check it out."

"You mean search him?"

"Yeah, all of them!
You have to hang out with these guys now, Justine
Time to stalk"

"lol okok"

Justine minimized the message window and typed into the search box "Cody Willingham". It didn't take long to find him out of the thousands of results. Not being a friend, there was very limited information, but ignoring that she looked through anything available. Preferences and pictures and anything she could get her hands on. When she was finished she sent a friend request and moved onto the next, doing the same for each person.

"Everyone seems alright" She messaged Justine once she finished.

"For now
Just keep me updated while you're with them, ok?"

You'll be the first to know."

"Better be.
And if there's any problems, I'll be there with my Jeep."

thanks Mia"

The two of them conversed for another hour or two before Justine decided it was time for bed. Closing her laptop she went through the sliding glass door and up the stairs into her room. Changing her clothes and lying down, she relaxed on her bed for a moment. Her room was tidy and right across her bed was a large mirror and dresser, topped with her makeup, hair supplies, and other things. She looked into this mirror as she thought to herself, though she didn't actually see it. In a month she'd embark on a journey away from home, from friends, from everything. The thought was not exciting. She loved her family, she loved her friends. All that time without seeing Mia? It sounded impossible! But she'd be following her dream, right? And everyone had already told her it was okay and to go for it and not to worry about them, so why couldn't she? What was holding her back?

"I'm being stupid, aren't I Roscoe?" She said to the dog that laid on a rug on the bedroom floor. His ears lifted, indicating that he heard, but he made no movements other than a heavy, doggish sigh. "Yeah, you're right." She looked away from him and went back to her thoughts, trying to imagine what she would see, what she would find, what she would learn throughout this amazing journey. It wasn't enough and overwhelming all at the same time. Her emotions swirled into a contradicting mess. She felt excitement and dread and hope and fear and confidence and letters and and... Wait... Letters? In her minds eye flashes of letters and odd shapes that could have been the same thing. She watched them for as long as she could but the more she focused on them the less clear they became. "Wait, wait!" She called to them, feeling them leave. And then, "Ow!" Justine jolted and jumped out of bed. "Sh*t, sh*t, ow!" Justine patted at the back of her lower thigh, trying to cool a sudden burn. Her fast movements made her dog jump up from his seat, collar rattling and he went over to her, ears up at attention. The burning calmed as quickly as it came and left Justine confused and worried. What was that? Roscoe sniffed in her direction and made an uneasy noise, shifting his feet and wagging his tail. He opened his mouth in a pant, communicating his concern with little words. "What the hell?" Justine looked at her leg and rubbed the afflicted area, no longer feeling pain or discomfort of any sort.

What was that? She tried to think of any possibilities but everything seemed not to fit. She wasn't sick and she had at least three weeks on her calendar. She reasoned with herself that she was fine and gave Roscoe and pet and a kiss to show him that she was perfectly fine. Getting back into bed, she was wary of the burn coming back, but after a few moments she convinced herself that this was a one time thing and, if it wasn't, keep herself alert for the next even. She turned off the light by her bed and sunk into her covers, laying her head on the soft pillow and closing her eyes. Tomorrow was a new day.


Pokemon: Squirtle
Nickname: None yet
Gender: Male

Personality: Squirtle is a friendly, naive, and impressionable Pokemon. To him, everyone is his friend and everything is of the highest amounts of fascinating and fun. New things he examines as if they are profound and simple objects he makes games out of. He always tries to make friends with new people or Pokemon, assuming that they're just as nice as he is. He also takes actions and commands to heart. He watches others closely and soon will begin to imitate them. When he's met with a scolding or something he perceives as negative he can become very shy and very sad quickly and easily. Bad experiences can cause him to become shy with things associated with it and a steady amount of good things can make him excited. Squirtle loves to be around others and hates being alone or more than three feet off from a group.

Unique Traits: He has a green band on his right wrist made especially for him.

SU, finished! I hope everything is acceptable.
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