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    Please keep an eye on this post. If this is too extreme, please tell me.


    I: Normal Form Theme: Haze

    Name: Kaya Syr Alabast

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Sin: Lust

    Virtue: Kindness


    Attractive is not the word you would think of to describe Kaya right away. Of course you would have to see her first. But when you do see her, she is very... I suppose filthy would be the right word. Small and always looking at the ground, matted auburn hair falling over her face to the point where you can't even see her eyes, she is a very disgusting individual from a distance. She knows this, Kaya likes this. She hopes it will get people to leave her alone.

    Unfortunately these days she cannot take this appearance. Her hair was forced to be brushed until it gleamed, but it still rests over her face rather blindly. It would take a lot of skill to notice the glimmering grey eyes that would have tears if she had the courage to cry. If you find her alone however, you will find the first paragraph is her out-of school look, hiding her body underneath clothes much too large and a bag over her chest.

    Kaya has a cute figure when she bothers to show it. Well, almost. Her left hand is permanently disfigured and mutilated, almost to match the bites like human teeth and the gouging of nails that eventually stopped going away. Her wrists and ankles show signs of handcuffs chafing her skin and there is a permanent limp in her petite step. Small and even now, still underweight, she cannot shake her roots of the place she lived, no matter how much people scrub off the dirt, no matter how much the girl attempts a smile. Don't even get her started on the bandages on her neck either.

    Now that she has clothes that do come close to fitting her, she is very often seen in them. However, the ones she came home in still have an odd place in her heart, so secretly packed away from her is the revealing dress she had been in, resewn into a pillow by her father. Kaya instead, wears a hunter green, frilly sleeved shirt, revealing more of her arms and her breasts than she desires. Her legs are notably hidden by long dirt-brown pants that are almost like jeans. She wishes her arms could be covered more but the feeling of her arms being bare is something she is much too used to.


    It's not easy to forget what you are. The fairy tale prince ending doesn't exist; there is no happily ever after that comes out all right. You have to heal slowly, or hope to do it. But sometimes you don't. And the shadow lingers like a bruise on your brain.

    Kaya knows this very well.

    Timid and obedient, Kaya Alabast is frequently forgotten and left to waste away on her own. This is what she wants. If she is noticed, the hands will roam and she will likely fall into a panic attack. She was supposed to be a Valkyrie, but instead, she is too meek, too willing to follow the crowd. She is expecting fondling, assault in a safe environment and the mere concept of this event sends her into terrors at the simple tap on the shoulder. It's rather painful to watch at times, but if she's aware of the pity sent her way, she will not speak of it. Pain and pleasure have mixed rather thickly in her mind and pity is rather misinterpreted.

    In truth Kaya doesn't speak at all really. No one has heard it except her father and even then it is reportedly a whisper. Most of the time, if you catch her attention, she'll write on a white board and hide her face behind it. Even if she did talk, it'd be to the floor. However, it isn't because she's quiet that she's intelligent. It's because books are her new escape. And a part of her is still in deep shock, uncertain of how real this is and how she is supposed to behave. She can't even do social mannerisms properly for the most part.

    When she finally opens up to someone Kaya becomes rather dependent on their company. She won't say much and you may forget she's there... but she may be found following you like a lost puppy, just listening or working. It happened to her father... but it will likely take a long time for her to do such a thing in this new environment, particularly with over-familiarity likely to occur.

    Kaya has quite a bit of despair in her, believing this really isn't happening and she's just trying to comfort herself over the real suffering. This makes her sin very vivid and turns her inwardly spiteful. From a distance that seems like Wrath but in reality seeing another in pain gives her a pulse of pleasure and a desire for people to have more of it and enjoy it. It's not simply out of anger, but because it's been very hard for her to tell the clear difference between her suffering and their enjoyment. So for all she knows that's giving them what they want, making it worse.

    However, as her kindness has been blossoming, unknowingly tended by her father's care, she also struggles to be brave enough to speak and smile again, genuine smiles. She does make the effort to smile at servants and help in silence. As she grows more comfortable, doing this will likely become more second nature and normal. She doesn't mind assisting others... as long as she doesn't have to touch them. She's even been able to cry at dying puppies.


    Not everyone has a wonderful start, but everyone certainly has to try and make the best of it. Kaya knows this. However, understanding and doing is easier said than done.

    Kaya Alabast was born in London, the pregnancy difficult and also not taking place in a hospital. It was a young woman, a high schooler to be precise. She had made more than quite a few mistakes and one of those was not contacting the father. Though... she didn't have a phone. A... worker at a prostitute agency (to keep this polite) struck a deal with the young, impressionable teenager. We pay for your hospital trip; you give up the child. Rather not wanting to die, the young teen agreed to this, not entirely sure of the deal she had just struck and what would happen to her newborn daughter. She was happy someone would be able to provide for her though and even more pleased that they would both likely live through this.

    She was rather off... wasn't she?

    There was little use for a baby in a prostitute agency in truth. However, this man was clever. He had a messenger in that little girl and someone to brainwash into the arts of pleasure and money-making while doing it, even teaching her how to read and write. Though a little girl was not much pleasure for any normal person, that didn't mean those kinds of people did not exist. And even though Kaya didn't entirely grasp the situation, she was well aware of the wrongness of it as well. Because the touches and words continued to vary and swirl in her mind, it leaded to her simply shutting down and obeying, fearful of what would happen otherwise. Punishments were not very kindly done. One of these had actually torn apart her left hand, it unable to heal properly. Then again, was pleasure not the same, bruises that sang of desire?

    It was at the age of ten that everything changed. Then twenty-five-year-old James Alabast, father to young Kaya, who had until that moment had gone by Caron, something that the worker had found endearing, stormed the place, for lack of a better term. He had found her existence out from her mother, who had long since left the country. Guilty for not knowing and possibly considering such a thing happening, he hunted down his daughter to try and repair what damage he could. In truth, as he would admit to her later, he had wanted children but he didn't know it would be... quite so young as this. Since Kaya had been sleeping in her tiny cot at the time before being whisked out to her own family, the first thought in the little girl's mind was that she was being kidnapped and her boss would not get his pay.

    Over the long drive back to the house they would live in, James spoke quietly and explained this all to her. She expected something horrible to happen o her during this. However, he did not go near her or reach out to her barring to carry her inside and examine her health. And even then, his fingers only ghosted over her. To anyone else, this would have been a sign of dislike. But to Kaya, it was respect and perhaps that made him endear to her. So did the name Kaya, the first thing she could honestly claim was hers.

    That isn't to say the first year or so wasn't awkward and that it still isn't now. Oh no, they had quite a lot of trouble with each other due to Kaya's constant fear of the associate worker waking her for a job she was harmed by. Also, James was struggling to understand how to work with such a different child than his imagination. Kaya did not have the fear that he did not love her like other children would. She had no idea what the word meant. However, when James did take the risk of hugging her, she did realize that he was a safe person and to be safe around someone meant so much more. What also helped was that, due to his high status, he could afford to buy many books and materials and homeschool her. It rather amused the servants, who remembered the irresponsible brat who skipped school and stole from candy shops. Perhaps this was what allowed them to adore little Kaya, who soaked up information like a sponge. He taught and she learned and slowly Jamie began to make a girl out of a street rat. The therapist did help, even though Kaya barely spoke to her.

    Not too long ago, James offered Kaya a test, the exam for going to St. Jude's. He wanted her to try, not because he hadn't made it, but because he knew there was only so much he could do for her. She needed people her age. The interview was unsurprisingly the most difficult part, mostly because Kaya was too frightened to actually talk. Instead Jamie offered to give her a white board to practice her handwriting. This surprisingly helped out. When the results, oddly high, came back, Kaya wasn't happy about the test. She was happy Jamie was proud of her. To her, that was a certainty... that she wouldn't never be hurt by him.


    As a human, her powers are striking, unlike herself. Related to kindness, she is able to soothe the pain of others by taking it into herself, almost to the point where they forget it exists. The sense of peaceful warmth ensures the rest of her ability, the restoration of cells and energy in a person, sometimes to extent of searing a wound closed. This is very strenuous for large wounds though, so Kaya tends to avoid it when she attempts to actually use her powers. That alone is very rare, because it relies on her sin not being quite so active... and her fear to be not quite so great.

    Related to lust, and the deeply set sadism in her, she can makes someone feel all of the pain she has felt with a simple touch. However, instead of making it agony, Kaya is able to make them enjoy it with the same pleasure she derives from watching them squirm. The sheer conflict of these feelings is enough to sometimes break a mind, making it very easy for her to turn her power to revive cells to destroying them. However, both of these require physical contact with living creatures and Kaya simply does not have the emotional willpower to do that. Also, the energy it takes for prolonged periods is very high and leaves her weak for many hours afterwards. And the working with cells is so minor, the life is only temporary.

    II: Holy Form Theme: Tsubasa Remix


    A Valkyrie in form, at least in part, she stands as a young woman, almost as she is supposed to. Confident, warm, almost able to take charge over the situation, her auburn hair is brushed out of her face and tied into a braid. Kaya even stands a little taller, dressed in a pure white robe tied with golden thread that falls down to her ankles. Her feet are remarkably bare, as though she is now suddenly too cool for shoes. On her back are large black wings, ones that look like a raven's. They are incredibly powerful, meant strictly for traveling long distances.

    In this form she will look you in the eyes and still remain silent, displaying emotion and command through the grey gaze. In her good hand is a silver scythe, taking the place of a spear. She also only answers to Syr.

    Artefact: An adamant flower with blue petals rests upon the center of her collarbone, a lotus. It is remarkable in the fact that it appears at first glance to be attached to her skin. As a human it transfers over to her left hand as a sapphire ring, the beauty of which is at odds with her general initial mousy and hand-me-down appearance. The ring rests on her mutilated hand, as though to take the focus of stares on it instead.


    One of her main powers in this form is the ability to sense pain and negate it. If something can hurt someone else or they are a danger, she will inform of it and if possible, prevent it from happening. Sometimes however, she cannot, as the precision of how the pain will occur is impossible for her to grasp. Also distance is a problem, preventing her from helping on the other side of a football field as well, for example.

    A second power is greater control over her manipulation of living cells. Channeled through her scythe, a small slice if used properly, it can proceed to spread and kill more cells, only able to be stopped by amputating the place that was cut. However, depending on her thoughts when she was transformed, it might accidentally heal who she cut, which she can only do when in physical contact still. It's not fun and no matter her confidence, Syr gets queasy about it.

    Her third power is to separate souls from their bodies and lead them to death peacefully, soothing their agony to make the transition from one plane to another easier. A mission of Valkyries is to take the souls gathered on battlefields and send them to the place they must be, Heaven or Hell. If someone is dying, without any hesitation, she is bound to go to them and soothe their soul and free it. Because of this, it narrows her focus and leaves her open for attack. Also, she's not very discriminatory so be careful that she doesn't take your soul as well.

    Her final power is to twitch things toward another event, assisting the future to head in one way or another. Perhaps someone wants to fight someone desires to win a losing battle. If the assistance is so desperately required, she will supply them with either a bit of energy or ability to do so. It is used only to turn the tables of the one who needs help into their favor. It supplies the user with energy. Depending on what its used for, Syr is drained of that amount of power from herself. Plus it is only temporary, just enough so maybe the person can finish this fast.

    III: Hell Form Theme: Happy Maria! Band Remix


    This form of Syr is very similar to the human Kaya. However, it's clothed in sinister darkness. The wings are also now a swan-feather cloak, enabling her to become a swan humanoid creature. Her fingers are now clawed and both hands perfectly healed, enabling the scythe to become much more deadly in her hands. Her hair has become wild as though ripped everywhere by wind, blocking now red irises and black sclera. Her clothes are now a very... revealing dress, ripped and showing more skin that under normal circumstances would simply not happen. She remains barefoot, even though Kaya is now sickly pale and thin, almost spindly.

    In this form, Kaya doesn't only speak, she displays, indulges, wraps herself in her desires. Her voice, unlike the meager whisper of before, is deep, harshly sultry, as though not merely enticing, but anticipating the euphoria that awaits.


    Her first power is her ability to transform into a mix of swan and humanoid monster. The cloak enables this and allows her the ability to maintain flight and dive underwater for short periods of time. However, there is a "pin" on her neck that if pressed will end the transformation and have her drop like a stone.

    Next Kaya is able to manipulate someone's mind, combining pain and pleasure into an illusion that leaves them a quivering mess of drool and flesh or kills them from overexposure. The illusion is very thorough, enticing each sense in a euphoric sear of conflicting wonder. It can normally only be done to one person at a time and requires her to be vulnerable for a brief moment while she slips into the cracks in the heart.

    Her third is an odd magnetism, attracting enemy and ally alike to follow her and her words. It is like drinking a great deal of mead (honey wine) and falling into a drunken stupor. Even if it is only temporary, it leaves the mind and body vulnerable enough for Kaya to get a few good hits in. Or it doesn't if you're an angry drunk. It varies on the type of person you are when intoxicated. People can snap out of it if possessing a lustful desire more powerful than the illusion caused by the feeling of mead in your system.

    Finally, Kaya can grant a person one wish. This seemingly kind power is quite dangerous. It grants the literal will of the desire and proceeds to act from there, twisting the truth of the lustful passion the person actually wanted in their hearts, darkening circumstances that may have been harmless into purposeful slights and humiliations. It drives the person or enemy insane and causes them to eventually end their life. Of course, this is a very taxing power, but Kaya believes it fitting enough.

    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."