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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance fully concentrated his efforts on her back as sweat began to pour down his face. She was strong, he gave her that! Still, with their combined efforts it was enough so that when a loud snapping sound was heard he halted his attack and took the moment to take in some deep breaths. He heard the others talking about stopping someone, no doubt another Sentinel, but Penance didn't bother to listen. A voice similar to the one he had heard in his head before was speaking to them yet again, so Penance could only wish for Swift and Gallant to be successful.

    Before Penance could even discuss any containment procedures the Flareon began to scream and thrash about. This wasn't the plan. This wasn't even close to the plan! She was screaming something about Auron and then the atmosphere changed. A new voice came out of her mouth and it didn't sound so good. Fear Auron's will? Just how powerful was Auron? Ignitus wasn't herself, her eyes, her very personality was all different. She had been screaming about Auron before the change, did he do something to her?

    Penance didn't have any more time to think before he was hit with an intense Overheat and flew back with his fellow brothers and sister. As he staggered up Penance saw that a Flamethower was being sent at them! That Overheat had been more powerful than it should have been! He couldn't let this attack hit!

    "Vigil! Get the city evacuated! Now!" He shouted out as he formed a Water Bomb in his hands and threw it at the incoming Flamethrower, but he didn't let it explode when it touched the flames. He held out his hands toward the ball as his eyes glowed an intense blue as he kept a hold on the ball and upped it's size to make a temporary shield against the flames for the others. Odds of him collapsing or being in a very weak state were very high. They couldn't take her on like this! Vigil had to get everyone out before the entire city was destroyed!