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    Name: Lapras
    Favourite Pokémon in your team(s): Idk, I really like my teams as a whole, since I spend too much time (probably) creating them than I should. lol I'm weird like that. Right now I can think of my Pidgeot name Soar, he's pretty cool.

    Yes! Now I can finally battle real people with my non-competitive teams :3 edit; eek, BW2 rival battles? yesyesyes! If I don't rush through the game lmao. Also, six, Ozzy! I like to make them all work well together or just shove a bunch of my favorites in there so that there aren't blaring weaknesses, idk, like I said, kinda weird.

    Since I spend most of my time thinking of the team first, I don't really actually train them too much. Maybe a little bit then I use rare candies. xD