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    I prefer team Magma of Aqua, 'cause I'm a fire person; favourite type overall is fire, and I have this tendency to score fire types on PMD games when I answer honestly. Plus, their uniforms have a cooler design, I reckon. Maxie vs Archie, I'd say Archie. I like his character design better, burly bearded pirate guy? Yes please. :D

    As for Groudon vs Kyogre, that's a tough choice, honestly. I love the rain, rain is awesome, yet I'm inclined towards fire-associated things like Groudon. Kyogre is far better competitively, but they both have cool designs, and Groudon is red. . . I think I'll go with Groudon, though, since it just seems a lot more epic than Kyogre. And that's my only reason, really. Not really a good reason, huh? Ah well!
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