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    Originally Posted by ShinyDiamond View Post
    This seems very confusing to understand, but I'll join anyway.

    Of course, I have questions. My Pokemon can have any element? What elements are there in Brilliant Star? Also, I tried to load the map, but it's too big on my phone that it doesn't show me the whole thing. Don't ask me to look it through my laptop. Could you send me a smaller pic of the map?
    No your Pokemon's element is based upon it's type and other things and each species of Pokemon has a set element.

    Brilliant Star has a good mix of elements like all the nations but due to the fact that it is covered in heavy forests there is a slight excess of Pokemon that are of the Wood element.

    As for the map, no I don't have a smaller copy but I will go about arranging something to help you.

    @Baloth: The union is between Blazing Sun and Brilliant Star not Blazing Sun and Tranquil Moon. Would you please correct that, otherwise a good first post.
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