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Haven't played Blue for a while; started it a long time ago, but I know that I've got Charizard, Graveler, Butterfree, Gyarados, Weepinbell, and Pikachu, all around Level 37.

My Yellow Version I know for a fact is:

Pikachu (Thunderbolt, Reflect, Swift, Thunder)
Blastoise (Ice Beam, Earthquake, Surf, Rest)
Mewtwo (Psychic, Recover, Thunderbolt, Blizzard)
Venusaur (Solarbeam, Toxic, Mega Drain, Body Slam)
Charizard (Flamethrower, Fly, Dragon Rage, Slash)
Rhydon (Dig, Surf, Rock Slide, Bide)

all at Lv. 74
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