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Al' & Alessa - Eterna City

After Al' accepted Alessa's offer, they both took places opposite each other on the rooftop they'd enjoyed their lunch on.

"First one to give loses?"

"Sounds good to me, li'l lady." Rolling his shoulders a little, Al' stretched out his arms behind him, grinning toothily over to Alessa, who also seemed to be getting ready for the upcoming fight.

"Ladies first, I guess?" Al' asked as he floated down to rest his feet on the ground for the first time in a while, making an exaggeratedly deep bow.

"Well, go ahead then," she answered. It was difficult to tell what part was worse: the fact she called Al' a lady, or didn't consider herself like one.

Letting out a laugh, Al' raised a hand to wipe away an imaginary tear from his eye, still grinning. "Oh Aly, you crack me up. But I ain't one to say no to a free headstart!" His lips twisted into a grin as he raised his hands up over him, darkness as black as the night emitting from his back, accumulating above him before firing at Alessa, who quickly answered by surrounding herself in a shield of leaves. The emissions passed her by without issue, and she threw the Magical Leaves over at Al' for a counter-attack.

"Whoa!" He cried out as he only just managed to throw himself backwards, floating in the air as a leaf sliced across his cheek, a faint bit of blood trickling down it. His tongue extended, seeming longer than it actually would be, as he tasted the blood, pulling his tongue back in with a grin. "Well well, look who gets feisty after a meal! You're welcome, by the way!" He laughed out.

Ducking down, he sped towards Alessa, making it seem like he would attack her directly, but a little ways away from her, he dived off to the side, but not before pulling his arm back and extending his fist, a shadowy figure of said fist remaining. It also seemed to continue towards her at high speed, growing a little bigger as it flew.

Well, leaves ain't gonna stop that, the girl thought. She pulled up her arms over her chest and face to create a Psychic defense, but she was easily blown back from Al's attack. However, even knocking her off the roof to plummet a good two or three stories wouldn't stop her! Not unlike Al' himself, Aly quickly recovered and started hovering, breaking off the edge of the roof with Psychic and dragging it up towards Al' from below!

Al' had flown over to look over the edge of where she'd fallen, not at all seeming worried for her well-being. His eyes widened a little as a piece of the roof seemed to break off and slam against his jaw, sending him reeling backwards, doing several spins in the air... possibly more than he should have done.

Raising a hand to rub his jaw, he shook his head a little, grinning to himself. "Wanna play rough, eh...?" He snickered and lowered himself down, slipping through the roof of the building, out of sight of Aly', who was quickly annoyed at the fact he was phasing through walls.

"Get back here and take your beating like a man!" Now what was more awkward? A little girl floating around over Eterna and screaming, the fact that Al' had been further verbally emasculated, or that there was a piece of stone falling from the sky over the broken city?

A couple of people on the streets below had started looking up, calling and shouting out to each other, pointing up at Alessa. Poor girl was making a spectacle of herself. As she scanned the building for any signs of Al' while trying to ignore the people below, he suddenly came bursting out of the wall (Though obviously not literally 'bursting'), spinning around himself like some kind of torpedo.

As he reached Alessa, just beneath her in fact, he used the momentum from the spin to thrust his left hand upwards, sending another shadowy fist towards her, swinging it straight into her gut. "As you wish, milady~!" He laughed out, giggling to himself as his shadowy fist connected with her, sending her towards the roof once more, this time however, flying right behind her, seemingly ready to continue his attack!

Al' had gone on an offensive; he was vulnerable to a counter again, and as Aly recovered against the stone roof, she latched onto his aura-covered hands with her own, trading blows between Shadow Punches and Psychics. The collision was like two shields covered in spikes clashing together, with various blue and purple hues passing through both.

After several blows of both his own attacks and Aly's, Al' winced a little, the pain starting to get a little overwhelming. He could use Hypnosis, as there were not a whole lot of chance for her to escape it, but decided against it. Where would the fun be in that? Instead, he grabbed onto her hands in turn, grinning deviously as he pulled her in and blew a raspberry against her neck. "PFFFCHTBHTBH--" Aly quickly flailed her arms about, smacking Al' away and trying to get her neck clean of that disgusting feeling.

"Whuo-ho-ho-ho!" Al' cried out, laughing almost maniacally as he floated backwards, panting a little from the constant damage, lifting a hand to wipe the trickle of blood away from his cheek, smirking at Alessa. "What's the matter? I thought you'd like a bit of affection~" he called out tauntingly. This was responded to with a reaction similarly to how they first met, though Alessa had her cheeks reddened from what Al'd done. Various pieces of the rooftop broke up, flying into Al's stomach, and this time his jaw became a victim of the assault, too. At least he was expecting something like this, so he managed to get away with fewer bruises than the first time.

"Ow, oof, hey! Cut it of- OW!" He took a deep breath after escaping the barrage, shaking his head a little, though still looking mighty amused by the 'fight', though Aly seemed embarrassed. Did he do that? Raising his hands, Al' tried his luck with another Night Shade, pulling his hands down as a shadowy pulse was shot out from him, moving quickly towards Alessa, who'd managed to cover herself with another force field made of leaves. Leaving the Night Shade to finish releasing its energy, Al' disappeared while his opponent had a hard time seeing him, sinking into the building a second time. Well, he tried to. Aly wanted revenge for the raspberry, even if it meant taking some extra damage. She pulled Al's sorry ghost butt out of the building with Psychic, nice and angry-like.

"Ah... hello again!" Al' cheerfully started. "Nice day we're having, eh?" Instead of pulling a close-up Magical Leaf or another attack, she let him go, sinking into the building herself. "Hey! Come back here and take your beating like a--nevermind!" Al' took the chance to get to a relatively safe spot, over on the wall of the building they were battling on, though Alessa was following close behind with her Shadow Sneak. When Al' finally decided to set his feet against the wall, he noticed a light draft coming up against his exhaust pipe. "WHOA WHOA WHOA! No one said anything about losin' pants here!" Yep! They were gone!

Aly appeared just a few feet behind... above? Yeah, above her second victim of a high-class pantsing, the pants in tow.

"... Now that's not fair! You're not wearing any pants!" He called up at her, the wind brushing past his bared legs, though he was thankfully still wearing his underwear. He snorted out, still smirking as he turned invisible, disappearing from sight. Alessa turned around, constantly facing a new direction while clutching the pants in her possession, not wanting to leave any blind angles for Al' to attack.

Sen, you got me covered?

He's part ghost, hun. Not easy tracking what's supposed to be dead.

After a few moments of suspense, Al' appeared once more, this time behind Alessa, with a mischievous grin on his lips, his hands slowly leaning in towards her sides before moving his hands in, poking and prodding her sides as he also leaned his head in close, trailing his tongue nice and firm along the back of her neck before cackling out to himself. Sadly, before he had a chance to reclaim his pilfered pantaloons, another (yet only a single) piece of the stone wall flew directly into... well, you'd probably guess the target fine when you heard that banshee squeal.

With what seemed to be his last standing breath, Al' managed to squeak out, "I give.... I give...."
"Got any ice?" he asked her with a sheepish, yet pained grin. He's fine.
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