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    Originally Posted by pinta77 View Post
    I have been test playing the game lately to keep an eye out for glitches. So far so good. The only thing that concerns me is that somewhere along the line, a sprite disappeared. I'm not sure how... I suppose I could insert a new one, but I hope nothing seriously bad happened :/ worst case scenario, i could use a back up from a few days ago.

    Also, i cant ignore the poll results. I'm thinking about making a 2nd version of this game. The second one would be mostly the same but with completely different main characters, some ever so slight changes to the story, and possibly alternate missions. What do you think?
    Good idea for the alternate version of the game , it reminds me flora sky which was in 2 versions ( however the differences were in the pokemon , the one had mostly genIII and genIV pokemon and the other was named "dex complement version" which had the tao trio instead of the legendary dogs and other stuff )
    You could also name the second version . "pokemon indigo version" as a counterpart to pink.
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