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    Originally Posted by liam16 View Post
    Hey, does anyone know how i can edit the professor in the beginning of Pokemon Emerald when he is introducing the game and asking who you are.
    Use A-Text, there are 9 strings that make up his entire intro speech. They are located at the following, in order:

    Originally Posted by passarbye View Post
    I'm having a small issue with the intro sprite for Prof. Oak (intro speech sprite).
    i've found the sprite (342 and 256 color mode in unLZ) but i can't find the right palette for it.
    is there anything special i need to do in order to find the correct palette, or am i just doing something wrong?

    here's a pic of what it looks like with the default palette for it.

    TL;DR is there any way to get the right palette for this?
    (btw, i've already tried using the Next Pal and Previous Pal buttons, and all the palettes that load don't look like they are for oak.)
    I don't think the palette that Oak uses in the intro is unLZ compressed, at least Birch in Ruby/Emerald isn't, so I don't think it will be found in unLZ. You can use VBA's palette viewer and APE's search feature to pinpoint the offset where his palette is. Since the image is 256 colors it can be a bit tricky to find, which is why the offset hasn't been posted around here.

    Originally Posted by surfer treecko View Post
    Is there a quick and easy way to make items in the overworld? The way I've been doing it is using setflag after you pick up the item, but I'm pretty sure that's not what the game does... (and it sometimes causes things to disappear before I've even picked them up)
    The games simply uses the "giveitem" command followed by "end". Place that script in the Pokeball OW sprite on your map and it should work.