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hiatus till december :<
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Hey there! hello there ^^ i just dropped by today during my free time so don't mind me if i'm not that active kayy :/ i'll be active in a month, which is after my exams ._.
Are ya gonna spread the love? yeah man who doesn't love the treecko lineage? :>
Who ya wanna be? treecko :DDDDDDD

i can help make userbars if you want ^^ i'll get working on them on sunday mornings c:
because then there is no one around to check if i'm studying :> heehee (: (: i'll try to finish up asap ^^

What kinds of "moments" would you have rather seen more of involving the Treecko family?
ohohohohhhhhhhhh emotional >:) you seldom see an emotional treecko ._. most of them are depicted as cool creatures :]