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Originally Posted by Saltsas View Post
need help too i have the black badge, won all the battle down of Redwood City and now im stuck:/ where should i go next? btw my pokemon are overleveled and can easily win almost every fight.
Get back to Mt.Skywall and clean the passage which blocked by a rugged rock,and then get pass it,you'll reach the TYRON Tower...

Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
and how to evolve budew to roselia
and is shadow ball a physical move like gen.3 pokedex
Just evelove it as how you evelove EEVEE into ESPEON...And,I haven't edited the moves so the SHADOW BALL's still like 3th gen Pokedex...

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Doesn't Hax have 100% female gender set?
No,Haxorus doesn't have 100% female gender set,I've checked this before...
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