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    As you guys know, it HeartGold and SoulSilver, we had dual-region games. Both Kanto and Johto were covered.
    Well, with technology advanceing (for memry space reasons), I think it would be quite possible to make more of these.
    Now, I don't mean save it for endgame. I mean literally mis them, so you spend time in both regions throught the game. If possible, maybe just an HM or even just biking far enough could get you there. It would be like one big mega region, and would make good sense. For example (not being realistic, just and only an example):

    Go to Google Maps, and just find 5 countries close together. It would be lke that with the 5 regions, with obvious changes (if need be, some Legendary Pokemon mess up some stuff, slightly rearanging the Pokemon world geography {yay, more story}). Just as 1 example of many, look at Belize, Guatmemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Now insert 5 regions for the countries, and of course downsize them. BAM. Now, allow 2 regions available for play, and combine their stories, characteristics, Pokemon, trainers, league, etc. Awesomeness is born. In fact, you could have quite a lot of combos. To mix it up, there could be undergorund tunnels to connect different regions, jet boats, mountain ranges, giant forest, or whatever to divide region from region. Only the one jointing your regions would be available for you.

    Pretend they are connected by land/water or something. 2 would be available for your game.So, for example, pretend I have Kanto/Hoenn game. It's labeled as 2 regions, and treated so, but it's connected as 1 large one, giving me easy access to both. So neither would be endgame, both would be part of the entire game. Both regions would also be fully developed, with their islands and villians and legendaries and trainers and everything.
    They could intertwine stories, such as Team Rocket teams up with Team Galatic. They could merge Pokemon Leagues, 16 gym and unique elite 8 playstyle. They could mis up legendaries, Lugia and Ho-Oh combined with Dialgia and Palkia. Sinnoh + Johto. Kanto + Unova. Hoenn + Sinnoh. And so may more combos! The trainers, landscapes, movesets, villians, hereos, gameplay, available Pokemon, and stories could be taken to another level!
    The player I suppose would have a hometown of some neutral spot, and the story could actually branch out depending on where you go and how you play.

    Sure, there are humps and bumps in this. But if the game developers really wanted to do it, I assure you they could. But, my question to yo uis this: What do you think of the concept in general?

    P.S. Added a Poll. However, it's just for side discussion, not the main point
    I personally would enjoy a Kanto/Hoenn mix. Aqua and Magma are at it once again, and Rocket is trying to take advantage of it. You have to put a stop to it. It would give you a great combo of Pokemon, from the start and the end. Maybe there's some issue with what seems to be a new legendary, and you (Red/Blue/Saphirre/Ruby/_?_) and your 3 companions must control it with the help of Oak and Birch. Maybe Mewtwo's controlling it? So many possiblities!
    That'd be awesome!
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