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Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
This was an attempt to get me to like Pikachu, wasn't it
Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
Also not quite sure how Pikachu with troll face is cute in any way. xD
lmao xD xD it was funny so i posted it xD xD
Originally Posted by ♪Twiggy♪ View Post
I've noticed that I've taken a lot of... well, Victini love these days. Hmm... I think it's probably one of my top favourites that are super-cute as well. Tepig's also a pretty cute boy, huh? Now I've noticed it in the pictures...
if u like victini soooooo much then here is some victini for u :

Originally Posted by lasttfarewell View Post

i think treecko is cute awwwww look at that face c:
oh you can find photos of them plushies >>>> here
that treecko is soo cute <3 <3 <3