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    Emerald nodded after she healed her fellow Gold Tribe members but she just stayed back ready to heal again if needed. After all, she hadn't fought any of the Sentinels yet. She knew they were powerful, but she was going to let the others take care of it. Though she had heard that voice in her head again and looked around trying to see where it came from. Suddenly she heard screams coming from the Flareon and turned back.

    The Flareon's voice had changed and she mentioned something about a Lord Auron, but Emerald didn't have time to think anything before she as well as the others were shoved back from a very powerful Overheat. Wincing in pain from the burns she staggered to her feet. Looking around she saw Penance holding off a Flamethrower, she moved over to the others and used soft boiled yet again. It had been a long while since she had healed so often, so she focused on healing Zane, Guardia, and Calamity, she would take care of herself later.