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    PokeKingdom Rebellion
    In another dimension that is separate from the world where Pokémon and humans work as one is the PokeKingdom. In PokeKingdom, there are no humans, just Pokémon who can talk and do everything humans can do. PokeKingdom is divided up into different continents and these continents are divided via type. All together there are 17 continents that combine to make PokeKingdom. There is only one king of PokeKingdom, but right now he is too young to be truly considered the king. The king is Eevee and he has taken the throne at the youngest age of all the other Eevee kings before him. As king Eevee is to make sure that his kingdom is at peace at all times. However, the time of peace is no more, because of Eevee’s forefathers. Each king was an Eevee and when their third son was born that king would step down and give their position to the oldest son. Once they oldest son took the crown as king, the old king would evolve himself into one of his other forms and then become a protector to the new king. The new young Eevee thought he was too young to become king, and asked his forefathers for help. Under their influence he merged the continents of fire, water, electric, darkness, psychic, grass, and ice with the continent of normality. This made each of these continents more powerful and even closer to the king’s power. However, the other continents were not allowed to merge with the normality continent. This one act would soon start a spark that would bring PokeKingdom into war. The other continents that were not allowed to merge with the normality continent began to start their own rebellion against king Eevee. They believed that they had been mistreated and discriminated against. Afraid of what might happen to their pawn, the elders assigned twelve knights to be the king’s defense against this rebellion. The knights were the four strongest from the continent of fire, water, and grass. While the knights took on the duty to protect the king, they also believed that they need help from their neighboring continents. The elders allowed them to choose one soldier from each of the neighboring continents. The knights left the castle, and then returned with new soldiers to help in the fight against the rebellion. The elders still thought that they needed more protection to keep the rebels down; the elders then requested that each knight would choose one other Pokémon from their own continent to become knights in-training. The knights agreed with the elders and left the castle once again to gather knights of their own.

    The knights of the kingdom: They are the four strongest from their continent and have been chosen by the elders to protect the king. They are noble, protective, and powerful. The knights are:
    Venusaur Meganium Sceptile Torterra
    Charizard Typhlosion Blaziken Infernape
    Blastoise Feraligatr Swampert Empoleon
    The elders (?): They were once the kings of the normality continent and PokeKingdom, but have now evolved into their other forms. They gave the idea to merge the continents, because they wanted their continent to have more power. It is unknown if they have any plans of evil, but they do seem to be keeping a secret to themselves about what other purpose the merge had.
    The elders are:

    Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Espeon
    Umbreon Leafeon Glaceon

    The soldiers:
    They were personally picked by one of the twelve knights to protect the castle should the knights be away or unable to fight. They are from the continents of darkness, electricity, psychic, and ice. The soldiers are almost on par with the knights and they are:
    Raichu Weavile Absol Alakazam
    Electabuzz Walrein Mightyena Hypno
    Electrode Froslass Crawdaunt Gardevoir

    The King:
    While he is not going to fight in the battle, the king is giving his support to his followers. He hopes that he will find a way to resolve the conflict before there are too many tragedies.

    The personal soldier:
    He is the king’s best friend and has decided to work as the king’s personal soldier. He will only follow the king’s orders and when he battle, he is on the same level as the twelve knights. This personal soldier is Aipom

    The Enemies
    The continents that were not allowed to merge with the king’s continent were: Flying, Dragon, Ground, Rock, Fighting, Bug, Poison, Steel, and Ghost. They have declared war against the king and have each decided to go about it in their own way. They have merged themselves together to become the kingdom of rebellion.

    The Bandits:
    Since they were unable to merge with the king’s continent, the fighting continent and the ghost continent have worked together to become the bandits of PokeKingdom. The Fighting types attack during the day and the Ghost types attack during the night. They plan to steal as much as they can from the king and the other continents, and then overthrow the king. They each have one leader: Dusknoir and Tyrogue

    The Defenders
    : The Rock, Ground, and Steel continents have decided to become the defensive lines of the rebellion. They have dedicated their time to stop any of the king’s followers to break through the gates of steel. With their high defensive power they are not easily taken down by super effective moves. The three generals that lead the defensive force are: Rhyperior, Metagross, and Tyranitar

    The neutrals (?)
    : The Bug, Poison, and Flying continents have decided to stay neutral in the battle. However, they do have a plan in mind. They seem to be waiting for the battles to unfold, before they make any movements.

    The Elite
    : The Dragon continent is the leader of the rebellion and has never liked the idea of the normal continent ruling the others. The Dragons believe they are the strongest continent and they should be the kingdom continent. They have decided to attack the king and take his throne. This is how they plan to show their dominance. The elite’s forces are unknown, but they were powerful enough to make the other continents bend to their will and merge with them.

    Your Role
    You have been recruited by one of the twelve knights to become a knight in-training. You are well aware of the danger and what awaits you. You accept the offer and travel back to the castle. Once you arrive there the elders take you into a special room and begin your training. They put you through mental, emotional, and physical challenges. If you should survive these challenges, then you will become a little knight and go off into the battlefield. You will fight strong, weak, confused, and crazy enemies. However, what will you find out while going into the battlefield? Will you discover the elder’s plots? How the rebels truly feel? Or will you change sides completely and join the rebellion?


    1.Follow the standard PC rules
    2.No godmoding others
    3.When you battle make it feel real and not you win every time thanks to your super technique. Try to make this fun and not dull with you winning constantly, because you are so strong!
    4.Try to stay active. If you know you won’t be able to post often then don’t sign up. If you do have posting then PM and I will see what I can do about you.
    5.Have fun!
    Personality: (What does your character act like?)
    History: (What was your life like before the knight came to you and why did they choose you?)

    I'm giving this RP another try so sign-up, I promise to make it fun
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