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    Hey guys, I have just thought of an idea that could be... unbeatable if used properly.

    Sorry if this idea is already in place, I just wanted to get it out of my head for everyone to use and exploit

    So, get a shuckle and a pokemon that can use Trick Room

    Make the Shuckle know these moves and abilitity = Sturdy, just to negate 1 hit ko's

    Earthquake - Rock Slide
    Power Trick - Rest?

    Annd, a pokemon that can use Trick Room, doesn't matter who. Just... better powerful than not powerful for other use. Also! Have some decent amount of defence so it won't dive before it shines.

    Anyway, so on the first turn the pokemon that can use Trick Room uses it and Shuckle with it's horrible speed will probably go last which is when it uses Power Trick to switch it's ATTK and DEF. So, really bad Defense, really good attack. Yay! Then because it's slow as heck, it'll go first! So, the Earthquake and Rockslide are great as they hit both pokemon.

    If this has helped you... I don't know, hopefully this will help you but if it doesn't don't shout at me