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    @Kiklion: Hallelujah! Another female character! :D I can already tell her personality will clash with some of the already accepted characters, just what we need. More conflict! :D She'll annoy the crap out of Riku though, and her history kind of surprised me. It's actually refreshing to see someone with a normal history kind of, i'm used to seeing some kind of opressed childhood or a life changing accident or something. It's not long at all, but hell, it get the job done! (: But probably the best part of this, the part I really super duper enjoyed reading was your rp sample. It was really good, made me even laugh a couple times! "time to stalk" LOL :D It's funny cause facebook stalking is real, we all do it. :D right? :x hahaha. But overall, great character. This new female character also means, romantic time fun!! :D romance is always awesome. But yeah, anyways! Accepted!

    Ba-ding! Attention all applying trainers, there are no more available starters. We thank you for your patience and cooperation, and to those lucky few who received a starter, congratulations! Everyone else, get out! That's right everyone, five trainers have been chosen which means all five starters have been given out. Here are the final results:

    1. Riku Kimura, chose the starter Charmander
    played by Charizard_Man

    2. Justine Granger, chose the starter Squirtle
    played by Kiklion

    3. Fred Sone, chose the starter Bulbasaur
    played by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers

    4. Cody Willingham, chose the starter Pikachu
    played by Raikiri

    5. Angie Baines, chose the starter Eevee
    played by PsychoJigglypuff

    This is also the order of our trainer's rankings for their Pokemon Trainer Aptitude Test scores! Why does my character get top rank? Cause I CAN, that's why! Muahaha >:D Lolol no no just kidding folks, there's no order here. But if you choose to use this as the order, go right ahead ;D haha. It won't make a difference in the roleplay anyways, I'll get to the first chapter sometime today. If all goes according to plan, the first chapter should be up by tonight! So everyone can now freely discuss stuff because this is now officially the Disccusion Thread! Yaaaay~ High fives all around. :D
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