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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    If we learned anything from Red, you can't base it off an Ingame team unless future games can do the Link up feature B2W2 can do, then its basically what ever you gave him last.

    He also has a very slim chance of ever appearing again outside of the link up feature due to the Gender issue. The other game would have to have Hilda if one has Hilbert, even then there'd still be the sexism complaints for using one over the other.
    A good way to address the sexism complaints would be to give the player their corresponding predecessor. If you pick a boy, you battle Hilbert, if you pick a girl, you get Hilda. Or vice versa.

    But, I think they would get something like:


    Not sure, but maybe something like that. The high-end yet standard mons.
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