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Originally Posted by Kanto_Johto View Post
I'd just like to point out that this years April Fools prank on PC was essentially trolling every user who is registered on the forum. A lot of people got upset that day and genuinely thought the forum might go under. I didn't, because I'm always skeptical of that kind of stuff around April Fools. But still, a lot of people were very angry and frustrated.

And that was set up by the staff of this forum.

Just sayin'.......
I was in a conversation with some other staff about this earlier! In general it seems the opinion was that we miiiiight have gone a little bit far there lol, although mostly it was taken fairly well and people who were really pissed off by it got over it fairly fast - I think I remember one or two who didn't? Even though that is one or two too many, but still, it wasn't all that bad in the end. But even still yeah I think we went a bit far towards the end.

Although the point of April Fools everywhere, not just on PC, is essentially to troll people.