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Originally Posted by .Scream View Post
I could go on about this. But to name a few, Kirlia should evolve into Gardevoir at a higher level in my opinion, I'd say about level 40 would be more appropriate.
Actually Ralts should evolve earlier if anything, because Kirlias stats are ridiculous for a middle stage that ends up with 500+ total. Thats almost double of Kirlias ~270. I mean heck Squirtle and co have ~310 from the beginning.

Although personally I always thought for a case like this (and especially fitting for Gardevoir), happiness evolution is what it should require.


Note that the Ralts line was not a recycled Abra, but rather a separate attempt at 3 stage Psy pokemon, unlike Solosis and Gothita which are clearly "new" Abras.

Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning View Post
Generation V was ridiculous with the level requirements. I understand that the game plays at higher levels than any of the previous games (especially post-Dex) but that doesn't mean I want to waste all my time trying to get a Pokemon to evolve.
You have to realize they didn't just put higher levels but actually changed how leveling works...
Look, you get a ****load of exp from defeating pokemon with higher levels compared to what you are leveling.
That means everything can catch up, to the level you are encountering atm, hell of a lot easier than in the previous games.
And THAT is the reason all those pokemon have so high requirements. It was the only way of keeping evolving a pseudolegend a tougher task.
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