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    Bumping this, because it never got a response when I posted it a couple of pages ago, and also because the subsequent thread I made was never approved and posted by a moderator (for reasons still unbeknownst to me).

    TLDR: I need help modifying the properties of specific moves in HG/SS. Could someone walk me through it, please?

    Full: Ok, so I understand that there really isn't a specific attack editor for HG/SS, yet. At least, the one in PPRE isn't finished. Anyway, I heard that it's possible to take a rom of Diamond/Pearl and use Attack Editor DS to modify specific moves in those games, extract the waza.tbl.narc file, and then replace the corresponding a/0/1/1 file in HG/SS with the waza.tbl.narc one. Two issues with this.

    First, I've tried using Attack Editor DS with a clean Diamond rom, but nothing ever saves. I even attempted to modify one attack at a time, saving and closing out of the program before moving onto the next attack. No dice.

    Second, I've very, very little experience with hex editing programs like Crystal Tile 2. More like clueless, actually. Upon opening the rom file in CT2, I'm never quite sure when to extract/input certain files, or even search for specific things within directories. Like, I've seen posts were people will say to search for pointer/offset (as an example) 0x123456a, but I can't for the life of me find any sort of thing in that format. All the offsets I see are in a 012345678 (no "x") format.

    So, hypothetically speaking, say I wanted to modify the attack "Pound" from base 40 power to base 50 in my Soul Silver rom. Could someone walk me through the process of doing that, with the assumption that I have the mental capacity of a 10 year-old?