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Logan Locks

Walking alongside the shimmering stream, Logan went off to look for potential opponents to train Staryu. Maybe a wild Pokemon, maybe a wandering trainer, maybe at least something for Staryu to use as a punching bag. She sighed briefly at the Star Pokemon, who was hopping and skipping at the stream. Hopping through rocks, lilypads, and shrubs.

“Heeeeeeyah! Heeeeeeyah!!” cried Staryu as she continues to hop.

“Shhhh,” murmured Logan as she stopped, “I just heard something.”

She did a 360 degree turn, as she heard some kind of chirping sound. It was not the Pikachu she encountered earlier, or at least it didn’t sound like it at all. She shrugged off and continued to walk. Staryu followed, and managed to jump ahead of Logan. Not too far ahead, she spotted a larger body of water that the stream was leading to. It was sparkling beautiful, and breathtaking. Logan’s eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. She even felt like jumping inside the water just to see her toes in the water, as it was crystal clear.

Staryu turned to Logan and sprayed water at her face, then jumped in the small lake, making a huge splash. Staryu just loves being in the water, it seems.

“Stop it, Staryu…” Logan said, “We need to get serious here. You need the training.” But there was no answer whatsoever from the Star Pokemon. She didn’t respond to Logan’s calling. “…Staryu?”

Still no answer. Logan crossed her arms and sighed. As she is an inexperienced trainer, she was trying her best to tame the Pokemon. Jude Laughner had told her that Staryu would become obedient to Logan, but it seemed like she wasn’t. As she awaits for Staryu to come out of the water, she stood to glare at the trees covering the morning sun. Many of the trees were blocking the daylight, making most of the forest in Route 1 a bit darker than the outside.

A few moments have past, and Logan’s patience was on a thread. But there was something, or someone creeping right behind her. A Spinarak threaded down right behind Logan’s head, hanging on a string. While Logan was throwing away her patience, she wasn’t aware of the Spinarak standing right behind her.

“Oh well, Staryu. Have it your way,” Logan snapped, “I’ll just go find some other Pokemon to train.”

As she turned around, her eyes widened as the Spinarak cried with a greeting. Logan screamed as she stepped back a few steps away from the spider Pokemon. “Speeeeee!”

“Oh my God!” Logan exclaimed, “Get away! Staryu!” Calling out Staryu wasn’t helping as much. The Staryu didn’t respond again, as usual. The Spinarak starts to attack, throwing Poison Stings at her. Luckily she missed, as she continues to run. She wasn’t aware that the Spinarak had gotten off the string and started to follow. Staryu has yet to come out of the water yet. What’s she doing in there? Why won’t she respond?

The Spinarak still managed to attack Logan as it spits out a string, grabbing and wrapping around her right hand. The hand was starting to feel tight as the strings tied up. Logan kept glancing at the lake as there was no sign of Staryu. Hope was starting to lose, as well as trust.

“STARYU!!!” Logan screamed as the Spinarak kept attacking her.


Staryu came out with a splash, spinning out of the water and facing Logan and the Spinarak. Her red jewel in the middle sparkled, reflecting the weak sunlight. Then as she was about to jump back inside the water, she throws a spray of water directly at the Spinarak, it was somewhat of a direct hit. The water washed off the string shot from Logan’s arm, letting go from the Spinarak and relieving from the pain.


“About time you responded!” Logan shouted. “Now come out and fight!”

Staryu came out of the water finally, landing on the grassy ground. “Heeeeyah!” It was definitely ready to fight. The Spinarak starts releasing purple poison darts once again at Logan as well as Staryu. Staryu jumped and spun up high to avoid the stingers.

“Use that water move again…whatever it was that you do!” Logan shouted, not knowing what move Staryu used to attack with water. She was indeed clueless.

Staryu sprayed a ton of water from the point to the Spinarak. The Spinarak was pushed to the nearby leafy bush due to the powerful stream of water from the star Pokemon. The Mystic Water must have boosted up the water-type attack. She jumped to Logan and keeps an eye on the Spinarak as it came out of the bush, ready to attack once more.

“Go for it again, Staryu! Water…Gun! Yeah Water Gun!” Logan commanded finally.

Staryu starts spraying water once again, finally weakening the Spinarak. However, it continued to throw poison darts at both.

“Now tackle!” Logan shouted.

“Heeeyah!” Staryu cried as it jumped high and spun around whooshing towards the Spinarak like a Frisbee. It was a direct hit for Staryu, tackling him while spinning. The Spinarak flew back to the outside part of the bush and laid there on its back. Logan wanted to be sure if it was unable to attack, she was also thinking of attempting to catch it. She took out a Pokeball from the bag, and with great force, she throws it at the Spinarak.

“Go Pokeball!”

As the Pokeball hits the Spinarak, it sucks the Pokemon inside the ball. Then, it closes and falls to the ground. All of the sudden, Logan started to feel a bit ill, as she found a Poison Dart right on her knee. She wasn’t aware of the sting until it started to hurt. She then fell to the ground, blacking out due to the poison spreading right inside of her body. She wasn’t certain if she was able to capture the Spinarak, or if Staryu was still right beside her. Everything around Logan…just went black.
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