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Aphrodi Narcys

"I see, you're the creative combo type," Aphrodi said in response. "Though I guess it's not really much of a combo, multiple direct hits with glaive would mean certain death for most humans and demigods." Ina tugged at Aphrodi's toga, as if she were a three year old hiding behind her father.

"Big bro, I don't think I've ever seen your real weapon, before." She then pointed to the rapier protruding from his side. "Unless that sorry piece of metal right there is really what you use to fight people." His right eyebrow twitched at the statement, and then he clenched his fist, but he'd never hit her. Aphrodi was irritated by this, somehow Ina always knew exactly what to say to piss him off the most. She was actually very rambunctious and quite the firecracker when it came to being aggressive, which is why Aphrodi was so shocked at her fear of Eren. Unless...unless she was faking. That, or something else he wasn't prepared for, she liked him. He wasn't sure which one, but one of them was definitely the case, and he was hoping it was the former; after all, she was his little angel. Then again, that would explain all of the random and uncalled for exposition.

"As far as you care to know, this piss-poor weapon is my real weapon," He said, crossing his arms. "Well, that and my dashing good looks," he said, jokingly. "Well, that's not entirely true. I guess it'd be my mind...or my heart? I dunno, they really need to explain how these powers work..." He looked back to Eren and said, "Oh, and as far as identity is concerned, I'm a guy. Grandpa Zeus-" He stopped himself, noticing that he was starting to talk like Ina. "Zeus said that I should retain at least my title, it makes it easier for me to be identified."

Then he felt something very unpleasant in the back of his. It was hard to describe, the feeling, but Ina almost certainly hit it with something. "Afro! You're not ditching me! I am NOT eating alone!"

Aphrodi didn't even look behind him, he just stood there with an irritated look on his face. "W-well, it looks like I have to go. It's been nice meeting you, though," he said. He took his and Ina's breakfast, waved to Eren and his link, and with Ina standing close and clamped onto him, he departed.
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