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I love this hack soo much!! I have just beaten elite 4 with my team:
Kingdra lvl 70
Surf, ice beam, outrage, blizzard

Houndoom lvl 71
Flamethrower, crunch, roar, slash

Heracross lvl 71
Brick Break, facade, megahorn, rock slide (I've added it to his moveset beacause he can learn it in gen 5 but i didn't even use it a lot)

Sceptile lvl 74
Leaf blade, slash, giga drain, crunch

Dodrio lvl 69
Drill peck, steel wing, tri attack, uproar (idk why I have uproar on him)

Marowak lvl 83 (my best and favourite pokemon, with thick club he's doing massive damage to everything)
Earthquake, rock slide, double edge, aerial ace

As you can see I mostly use attacking moves ;d

I'm going to play it again with another team (except marowak of course xD)

PS. WTF why slowbro and slowking can learn flamethrower and fire blast through tms ????

PS. I'm sorry if I've made any mistakes, my english isn't too good
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