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    Originally Posted by MuffinBK201 View Post
    That would be pretty sweet. That's one of the things that was so cool about GSC. And this would definitely give the franchise something to produce in between coming up with brand new regions and Pokemon.[/SIZE]
    Exactly, but I'm trying to make the 2 regions even more intertwined. I could go into detail, but I'm not actually designing a game, so I just gave the basics. Let's use those games as an example. Instead of getting Kanto at the end of the game, both regions would literally be part of the beginning and mid game, which would obviously be extended. I'm not talking about a region and a 1/2. I'm talking about more like 2 1/2 regions. Both of the previous, and by combining them and having them function off of each other, adding even more content.
    It's not like it can't be done

    Also, I added a Poll if you or the poster above you is interested, and of course the following.
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