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Originally Posted by TornZero View Post
Well, now I can't wait to see what kind of forms you plan on coming up with. (If I see a reference to Mara in the final form I'm gonna bust a gut.) Though, with the multiple forms, do you really need to shapeshift? xD

The reason I wanted to see a good limit on the powers was that your Sin's powers will get indefinitely stronger as long as they take effect, unless the Lust Empowerment doesn't work on effects induced by Cameron's other abilities or it has a cap on its power.
I thought about that, and it was my reasoning for not having it before, but there are a couple of powers I have been struggling with. I was thinking the shapeshifting would be directly affected by the Empowerment. For example, if he had a lot of energy from the Empowerment he'd turn into maybe a strong wolf or a powerful dragon, but if he had little to no energy then he would turn into a puppy or a very small, weak dragon. He would still be able to turn into whatever he wanted, but they'd be smaller in size/strength and their affects (if he plans to manipulate anyone) would also be weaker.

Though, I was thinking about moving the controlling power over the Holy form just to add one more neutral/defensive power and then giving a Hell a new offensive power (I was thinking Elasticity), but I'm not sure yet.

If I added Elasticity the Empowerment wouldn't affect it all other than strength, but that's a given. The Empowerment only indirectly effects the Energy Manipulation. It wouldn't increase its strength, but can be used like a reserve system (though I can't think of many scenarios where that would be his main way of using it). It only affects the Field by making it larger or smaller. So at his weakest it would be at its smallest and at his strongest it'd be at its largest (with a size limitation, of course). This isn't automatic, Cameron would still have to be able to learn how to control the Field's size, how much energy it takes up, and things like that.

The extra forms I plan to make don't exactly add a whole lot to him except body parts (wings, tail, ect.), strength (a given), and a more demonic/monstrous/larger form. The first form is a neutral, standard appearance, the second form is slightly more demonic, the third is a completely demonic form, and the fourth is a monstrous one. After the fourth he'd just get bigger, but at a much slower rate than the other forms. Changing into these aren't instant like Cell and Freeza, it's actually gradual, but I figured writing them down that way would make it easier to find out how much stronger he is/understand how things work.

These are just my base ideas and things are still changing (either minor or great) so a yes/no or a better idea is greatly appreciated if you could think of anything. X)
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